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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Flood Tide

Yes, I do know that the Branson Ducks go in the water.  My deepest apologies for forgetting to mention that.  To prove they go in the water, here is a picture of Marti and her sister Gail looking worried that if the Duck sinks while on Table Rock Lake, their hair is going to be all messed up.

One show we wanted to see was the musical Noah.  We figured we'd better get there quickly before the Ark got sent to help out the flooded communities in NJ, PA and VT.

The show takes place at this cute little theater.

Inside were some animals standing by to be loaded into the Ark.

The theater has 2085 seats.  They really can pack people in there.

When you get there, you'd better have your ticket ready or you have to answer to this guy.

After the show, we went out to grab a bite to eat.  We discovered my Dad owns a diner in Branson.

Yep, my Dad's name is Mel.  The diner's staff, besides their regular job of waiting tables or cooking, take turns singing.  I guess it's where performers go to earn a living after they've failed to land a job in one of Branson's shows.

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  1. Great photo of you dad!! He looks like he is really enjoying himsel:o))

  2. Our friends loved Mel's. We did not get the chance to join them.

  3. Sounds like you had a great day... Dad sure does look proud of his new found reatarant!!! LOL
    Have fun & Travel safe

  4. Looks like fun. The Ducks are one of my least favorite forms of water transportation.

  5. Next time we go to Branson we'll visit your dad's restaurant there. Are you going to try singing there along with the other waiters?

  6. Low blow about the hair there Paul. Have Marti or her sister seen this? :-)

    How about a review of Noah the musical? Sounds like it might have been a comedy.

    Like everyone else, I want to know if ya'll had to sing for your supper and if so what song??

  7. Definitely must put the restaurant on our list to visit while in that area. I love to sing, Jerry not so much, so I will keep that from him until we arrive, just like I keep bridges on our route from him until we get there.

    Keep enjoying yourselves and keeping us informed of all your adventures.

  8. Been away for a few days and just caught up on your trip. Glag you guys are having a great time!! Try not and rush back to the rat race, it'll still be there.