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Monday, September 12, 2011

Iron Butt

Thanks for all the comments from my last post, about our 550 mile day.  We beat that record on Sunday, drove 540 miles to Turkey Creek RV Park, an Escapees campground just outside of Branson.

It took a while to get here, driving some of the mountain roads in Arkansas were very interesting.  My Dad was hanging on for dear life, I'm sure the song Wolf Creek Pass was going through his head.

When we arrived at the campground, the lady behind the counter came around and gave Marti a big hug and scared her to death, a hug from a total stranger.  She didn't know that is the Escapee's tradition, to greet fellow Escapee members with a hug.

We got set up in a nice site.


We ran out to get a bite to eat and then toured Branson a bit.  Branson is supposed to be a friendly place for a family to visit.  Somebody forgot to tell this guy.

Then it was time to drive up to Springfield, Mo airport, to pick up Marti's sister Gail, who flew in from Rhode Island.  It was a 60 mile trip up.  And a 60 mile trip back.  Plus a few bonus miles when the GPS got us lost.

So I'm now waiting for my tired butt to re-inflate.

Just for your information, my all time RV distance record is 750 miles in one day, we set it back in 2002 on one of our extreme, cross country blitzes in our former Class C motorhome.

Yes, it was crazy, but you already knew that about me.  ;c)

Next, what happens when you put a male duck and a female duck together?

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  1. humm male duck and female get a couple of quackers??? We've done the long days..not often mind you but at the time we were not retired so the rush was on-looks like your dad is really enjoying the trip..Branson is definitely on my 'must visit' safe..

  2. We haven't had a 700 mile day in our motorhome. A little over 600 was our max in 2010 from Florida west. We have beat that in a vehicle.

    SKPs hug. If you stay at their parks, you'll have to get used to it. We did Branson a long time ago. We need to go again. Any extra room in your motorhome?? We can be there tomorrow.

  3. We usually do 200 a day but we have done several times a 700 mile day. Not very often!!! Glad your having a good time and that dad is doing great. I hang onto that same bar but don't know why... It just feels good!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  4. enjoy your stay in Branson..sounds like you are going to need some time to re-inflate your 'butt'!!

  5. Ducklings? But I must say that I like quackers with my cheese! :)

  6. Great minds think alike. If it is not ducklings, I am not sure I want to know:)

  7. With these long travel days, how in the world do you have time to post a blog? Relax and enjoy the time with the family.

  8. Interesting title. Hummm. Branson was a surprise to me. I really loved it! We went to see 'Six' which was amazing. Actually got the recommendation from the huggers at the Escapee park. Like Marti, the hugging freaked me out a bit, but now I'm all for it. Have a wonderful time!

  9. If the Texas Tenors are performing - they are definitely a must. Wish we were in Branson. I wanted to go this year but the best laid plans fall apart. So maybe next year. Hugs from another Escapee.

  10. Lots of 7-800 mile long drives in our younger days. Longest was back in the early 70's, camping in a VW Bus, broke down, fix took a week, my leave ran out, needed to return to base fast, straight through northern Wisconsin to eastern North Carolina, 1100 miles I think. (did sleep for a few hours in a rest stop somewhere in Kentucky)

  11. 200 miles a day is hard for us to do!

    My butt would never re-inflate if we drove that long. Both of us are on the same page..short trips!

  12. With all those long travels in such a short time, it is beginning to sound like "Bill and Nancy's Fulltiming Adventure" ;o))))

    Slow down now and enjoy this time with the family!!!

  13. Glad you made it to your destination. Now you can rest up your posterior and have a good time!