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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Marti's Musings: I've learned a few things

Our house has been on the market for just over 3 months now. However, this decision and the whole process started well before this.  Over a year, in fact...   and along the way, I have learned a few things:

1.  Patience is not my strong suit
2.  Family is the most important thing in this life
3.  God is faithful, when my faith is lacking
4. You can't always trust your realtor
5.  Work is just that = w.o.r.k.
6.  There is no amount of money worth risking your health
7.  Life is so much more fun when shared with those you love
8.  Eating out is nice, but eating at 'home', with someone you love, is unmatchable
9.  We can do without so many 'things'; and we barely miss most of it
10. Patience is not my strong suit (yea, that is worth repeating)
11.  Living in a 'show ready' house is more than a little pain-in-the-neck
12.  Planning trips is definitely good for mental health
13.  I hate crunching numbers!
14.  Being with those you love is enough
15.  Giving is waaay better than getting - and more so if done anonymously
16.   Worry does little more than rob you of your current joy potential
17.   It really IS the little things in life that matter, and more than that -  "things" mean even less than people
18.  Detaching from this house has been easier than I thought, so far at least
19.  All the sacrifices during military life have a pay back in retirement
20.  Living a double life - unable to talk about retirement plans at work - is a bummer

Yeah, just a few things.  Some sound so corny, like out of a Hallmark card, even.  But apparently, the Hallmark card writer types have learned a few things along the way...  just like I have... 

It's been a year, we are hoping  that a year from now, we will be 'somewhere out there' - and have another whole year of things learned.

'Nuff said.  ~Marti


  1. I think, the attitude of learning something new each day, and rolling with the punches is essential.

    Hope you'll be joining me sooner rather than later! :)

  2. Ditto the thing we've learned from having to downsize rather quickly, is that the stuff is just that, 'stuff'. The thing that's important is God & each other :)

  3. Judy said it all! It won't be long until you're sharing tales of your adventures of full-timing! Hang in there! K
    And yes, God IS faithful! He already has your buyers in place.

  4. Well said! Your lessons learned aren't corny at all. And I agree with Kathy and Robert -- God already has your buyers in place. Be patient just a little bit longer. I know, I know -- not your strong suit. ;-)

  5. That's a great list. I've found that no matter what you're doing, or where you are, your life is just...well, your life. It's not better than or worse than anything. It just IS.

    Sometimes it means you get to play on the beach, and sometimes it means going to work. So whatever you're doing is your life, so you better make the most of least that's what I tell myself ;)

  6. Very good list. I identify strongly with #1 and #10! :)

    And, #9. After we got rid of all that stuff and didn't miss it, we realized how much money we could have saved over the years if we had never bought any of it!!! Hindsight.

    Hang in there. It WILL happen!

  7. Love your list and love your attitude. Hang in there. It's going to happen for you just like it has for so many others!

  8. we too are making and doing our own lists!..nice work on yours..and I am inpatient too...some days it is all about the attitude!!..

  9. Those are lessons I'm sure everyone can agree with, but not always easy to remember when frustration hits. hang in there

  10. Heartily agree with 1 and 10. Our retirement plans are out in the open ... can't imagine how you've managed to stop yourselves from discussing your exciting plans to go on the road full-time (although I can appreciate the reasons why one might have to).

  11. Good list. It is hard to be patient when you have no control over the waiting. I found the planning was the thing that helped the most. I have planned trips we may never take but the planning helped keep me sane :). Hang in there.

  12. Ditto, Ditto, Ditto, etc.

    You put into words what most of us think. I realized recently that the people (now friends) I have met at the RV-Dreams Rallies amd through this blog are so like minded and, in my opinion, have their priorities in the right order!!

    Thanks for taking the time to write it all down. Your blog is a keeper and a "post it on the fridge" blog :o)))

    Hope to be out there with you next year, Nancy

  13. Good list. One of our current models is less stuff is more freedom.

    I hope nobody at work reads your blog:)

  14. You two definitely have your priorities in place and as Nancy said, this lifestyle and like mindedness is what draws us to each other and helps form strong friendships. You have done everything right, it will happen when it's time. Having said that, my patience wouldn't be any better than yours. We all just have to somehow manage it as best we can!

    Laura Raber