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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Scoring Branson

Before I launch today's blog, let me take care of a few loose ends.  For all of you that asked me to wash your RV, it will be my distinct pleasure to do it for you, for FREE!  All you have to do is bring it to my house here in Northern VA and in no time I'll have it gleaming.  Just send me an email (address at bottom of blog page) and let me know when you're coming.  Being retired, I do have a wee bit of time on my hands.

Now about my procedure yesterday, yes Marti already had her's done about a year or so ago so she'll have to find some other way to gas, er I mean get even with me...

Now on with the shows we did.

Ride the Ducks:  These are converted World War II amphibious trucks converted to modern standards of better brakes, engines, transmissions and seats.  They take you on a 70 minute tour of some of Branson's streets, countryside and yes, even a big splash into nearby Table Rock Lake for a swim.  Lots of fun for kids, adults and adults that still act like kids (Who?  Me?).  Recommended.

Red, Hot and Blue:  A Rock and Roll variety show, highlighting music from the 50s through the 80s.  Lots of fun, comedy, dancing and music.  A good show if you have the time, but pass in favor of other shows if you don't have the time.

Noah, the Musical:  An amazing show, puts you right in Noah's Ark with many real animals.  Expensive, but worth it.  Show is ending later this year to be replaced by a new show.

Pierce Arrow:  A musical show along with the funniest comedian around.  Recommended to see every visit to Branson.

Showboat Branson Belle:  A dinner cruise on Table Rock Lake with several different show choices.  We saw "Encore", which had a six man singing troupe, a fantastic comedian/magician and an incredible violinist that not only plays a great fiddle, but can play it while hanging 30 feet in the air from two silk drapes.  The meal was okay, but the show was terrific.  Recommended.

Six:  Six brothers that put on an amazing musical variety show without a single instrument.  All the music, including sounds of instruments are done with just their voices alone.  Great music and comedy.  Recommended.

The Brett Family:  A family of musicians that put on a fantastic variety show filled with great singing, dancing and comedy.  This was my favorite show, highly recommended.

Yakov Smirnoff:  A comedian from Russia that has a truly fantastic comedy show with a message that will leave you inspired and proud to be an American.  Highly recommended.

The Presleys' Country Jubilee:  A country themed variety show, amazing singing, dancing, instrumentals and comedy.  Highly recommended.

The Hughes Brothers:  Another great variety show with a twist.  Not only are the brothers performing excellent music and instrumentals, their wives, kids and grandkids all perform on stage.  Highly recommended and not to be missed.

Dixie Stampede:  A dinner show in an arena where a fun show with horses, trick riders, buffalo, pigs and comedy.  Lots of fun for all ages, see it if you love animals and a great chicken dinner that you have to eat with your hands.  Just like the Old West, they don't supply silverware.

Lastly, we stayed at Turkey Creek RV Village in Hollister, MO, right next door to Branson.  It is an Escapees Club RV park, nice sites, FHU with clean showers and restrooms.  Best part is it is $17/night for Escapee members.  We'll be using this park every time we visit Branson.

Branson has about 120 shows performing during the year.  We've now seen ten, so only 110 left to go.  I think this might require another trip...or two.  ;c)

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  1. We'll be back in Virginia for a while to do doctors & dentists and things like that. I'll definitely show up at your door step with Winnona if you'll throw in a wax.....I'll provide the wax, what do you say?

    I think you should get a cut from Branson or something for these high recommendations. Readers might think you like the place.

  2. wax on wax off..hope your new business venture is very successfull!!

  3. That is a lot of shows. I think it would take us years to hit that many shows!

  4. You may have found a new profession --- washing motorhomes and the such. Wonder how much money you could pocket in this new venture.

    Glad your "procedure" came through with flying colors!

  5. What a treat to read your informative blog! Inspired us to plan a trip to Branson in November.

  6. Great recap of the shows you saw - makes me want to go back to Branson. I loved Six, and saw the Brett family at the Escape in Sedalia in 2009. I was the sucker who thought Brandon was hurt when he "fell" off the stage. But I sure had a good time with my new-found fame!

  7. Aren't you cleaver. You rope them in with the "Free" pitch and then I bet you double the price or hit them up for all the little extra charges ;o)))

    Glad you had such a great time in Branson. We had no idea there were so many shows!!!

  8. Wow. I don't think I've seen that many shows in my entire life! :) Doubt I could fit that many into such a short time, but it might be a lot of fun trying! :)

  9. Seems like there wasn't a show you didn't like!

    Since I seem to be stuck in Indiana for a spell, are you sure you couldn't find time to drive over here to do my rig? :)

  10. A new career in the offing ... wandering RV washer & waxer ... hmmm.

  11. Loved your reviews of the shows. Sure wish we were planning a trip over to Branson. Maybe next year. Definitely think you ought to think about this new career path.

  12. Wow! I would love to go to some of those shows! It seems a bit incredible though that one place (other than NY) could have so many shows! I'm going to explore your links! Thanks.