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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

"Camp" Freightliner

This morning I drove to the home of the Freightliner Chassis, Gaffney, SC.  It was only about 100 miles from where we were staying near daughter Heather's house.  Having never been to Gaffney before but having heard nothing but good things about it, I was optimistic.

Of course, the alarm whistle from the Journey's dash was still there, but I defeated it.  No, not with ear plugs, but a Bee Gees CD, cranked up.  Tunes from "Stayin' Alive" and "How Deep is Your Love" defeated the whistle, at times with a little help from my vocal chords.  Good thing I was by myself...

It was very easy to find Gaffney Freightliner and I pulled in.  The facility has six service bays.

Some rocking chairs were waiting for customers on the porch.

Inside is a very nice lounge for customers to wait while their motorhomes are being serviced, with free WiFi. :c)

There is a dump station and water faucet on the way into the parking yard.

There are 20 electric only sites (30 and 50 amp).  There were three other motorhomes in the parking area, so I moved way down to be away from them.  I took site number 7 (for good luck).

A couple of hours later, my luck ran out.  16 open sites and a guy in a motorhome comes in and parks right next to me.  Figures.

After I registered with the service writer for my 8 am appointment tomorrow, I went outside the shop to look at a bare Freightliner chassis that is used for the "Know Your Chassis" course that is put on here a couple of times a year.  It was good to study the chassis to increase my own knowledge.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a success and the dash problem will not take too long.  I'm sure they've seen this problem before and have all the computer testing equipment to track it down.  While I'm here, I'm having the Journey's annual service done, too.  Since we retired and hit the road last December 5th, we've driven the Journey over six thousand miles.  It's due for a little bit of mechanical pampering.

One more thing, if you're a member of FMCA, it is to your benefit to join the Freightliner Chassis Owners Club.  Membership will give you significant discounts on parts and labor when you get work done by a Freightliner service facility.  It is $10 a year and is money well spent.

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  1. You should have put out a clothesline with underwear on it around your motorhome. Others wouldn't have come close and you would have had a lot of space. With all the amenities there, they may have trouble getting you to move on. Hopefully they'll find the problem, fix it and won't charge you much. Our fingers and toes are crossed for you.

  2. Hope you make two. You sure didn't let that alarm get the best of you and you got to reminisce the good old disco day's. Sorry about the close company.

  3. Hopefully they can get you fixed up and you can "BOOGIE ON DOWN, BOOGIE ON DOWN THE ROAD" real soon.

  4. you really should have had the music blasting..I am sure they wouldn't hav parked as close if you did!..good luck in the morning..hope you are back with Marti and the 'grand-treasures' in no time flat!!

  5. I'm still stuck on the rocking chairs. Rocking chairs? Seriously?
    Of course, I did see them in the Charlotte airport when passing through there once upon a time, so maybe it's some sort of custom/fad/whatever.
    I also don't understand the need to park right beside someone when there's gobs of free spots. Did you look like you needed company?

    Good luck tomorrow morning.

  6. So are your ears ringing with Bee Gees tunes now? Camp Freightliner is on our agenda for early next year ... Mui wants to get better acquainted with the chassis ... and maybe I'll tag along to make sure he's paying attention in class :-)

  7. If it's not one thing it's another. So goes life! Hoping they can get you takin care of real soon and get you back on the road.

  8. It's just your magnetic personality drawing all the coaches to want to park next to you! I mean I would if I could.

    Here's hoping your repair charges are few.

  9. Rocking Chairs??? us fulltimers aren't that old!!!......yet.

    Isn't that always the way it is......park in the middle of nowhee and.............there ya go.

  10. Sounds like 8 or 6 was somebody else's lucky number.

    Hope all went well today. Looking forward to hearing all about it.

    I've been thinking about "don't miss" sights in Gaffney, and all I've come with is the Giant Peachoid. Don't miss it.