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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Marti's Musings: Connections

Wow, with all the response to our Verizon woes, this may be a really lame post.  :-)  One nice thing about this campground is the FREE WiFi, and it is fast!  So, we have been enjoying that the last couple of weeks.... 

The campground, as we mentioned, is really nice.  It is not big, it isn't flashy, and it isn't any where close to an RV resort.  There is no pool, the sites are average/small and primarily have semi permanent residents here - there are some sad stories of folks that lost their homes, too.  So, the flavor is different.  However, the owner keeps it impeccably clean.  The laundry room, the sites, the pond area, the public restrooms, the grounds - all well maintained, but still with a 'camp' feel.  There is one area that is tree-less, but I do prefer the shaded sites, and we still get our DirecTV signal, no problem.  Of course, the grandsons love that we can fish and have campfires ( a rarity, it seems).  There isn't an "it" factor, except for the fact it is 2 miles from our daughter/sil/grandson's house.  THAT is our 'it' factor.  :-)

Being so close to family has some added benefits: connections.   We know the best place to get a haircut, get the car repaired (twice!), shop for food  (or anything else), attend church - on and on.  There is little else I enjoy more than worshiping with my family. 

We will be here about another week, before we head north to greet the newest grandtreasure.  That is, unless she decides to make an early appearance.  :-) 

We are getting our rhythm for this lifestyle, although, admittedly I still have moments that I feel somewhat guilty for not doing the daily grind of work anymore.  We both wonder what to do with the knowledge and experience we have locked in our heads... sometimes it feels like a waste....   Mostly, however, we are in awe of this blessing called retirement.  We know that we are young for this lifestyle, which makes us all the more grateful to God for this time.  Life isn't guaranteed, so we plan to make the best of family time and time with each other. 

Thanks for stopping by, feel free to leave a comment.  ~Marti


  1. The one thing to remember is your priorities when enjoying the lifestyle. I think you're doing a good job of doing that. Most times the best parks aren't the ones with the most. Sometimes they are the ones with the least.

  2. You are definitely making progress in figuring out the lifestyle. Time with family is always a priority.

  3. I'm so happy you were smarter than we were and retired AEAP. :-)

    We only had a year and a half before this totally unexpected bump in the road hit us. We should have retired 10 years ago.
    Good for you!!

  4. The work stuff in your head takes a while to work out. Perhaps you'll find a way to put all that experience to good use, or not. Either way, retirement takes some time getting used to. :)

  5. As per your comment about hemorrhoids: prickly pear cactus??

  6. I didn't respond to the verizon posts but that was because we don't do mifi. We do an aircard and a Cradlepoint Router. There is, apparently, a big difference.

    When it comes to the grandkids, there is absolutely nothing that gives us an "it" factor other than them :) I'd camp in a swamp to see them :)

  7. enjoy the 'it factor'!..the grandkids are the best..and soon there will be a new one to love!!

  8. Looks to us like you have found a good rhythm to retirement. You make it what you want. This is YOUR time and it is different for everyone. No right way, just YOUR way!!

    We have never met anyone who said, "wish we'd spent more time at the office;o)"

    Keep enjoying life and your family which will be getting larger very soon!!

  9. The "it" factor for a campground is whether we like it or not. And fast wi-fi doesn't hurt when it comes to determining that factor :-)))

  10. I've been having those 'guilty' feelings lately about leaving my job. I really am beginning to hate it there, but feel for the people I leave behind to deal with the pressures I'm feeling now.

    I can only hope that my background in accounting and management is not going to go to waste on the road. But then again ;-)

  11. Retirement sure does take getting used to! When you've worked for as long as most of us have, it's a whole new experience filling your time with something meaningful and soul fulfilling. We plan to eventually workcamp and volunteer. To Laurie and George, we met people who workcamped at Yellowstone National Park, and she was an accountant-her skills were VERY much in demand, she said.

  12. Great Blog! Always remember to bring your RV cover so that your vehicle stays in the best condition possible!