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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Rolling Tomorrow But Not Far

The moochdocking comes to an end tomorrow.  We're pulling out of Corey's driveway where we've been the last couple of days and heading over to the FamCamp at Naval Weapons Station Earle, NJ.

It's about ten or so miles down the road, where we'll have a FHU site for the next month or so.  We'll be close by to help out with baby Anabelle while her mommy, Amanda and daddy, Corey get used to being parents.

This FamCamp is where I had the dumping disaster last April when my dump hoses came uncoupled.  You can be sure that I'll be extra careful this time when I return to the scene of the crime and hook up the dump hose this time.  I can't afford to keep on buying new shoes.

We lived in this area for 11 years when I was stationed here, we have lots of friends that we've kept in contact with over the years so we'll be doing some visiting too.

With our remaining stationary for the longest time since we've been on the road, I have some projects to do, like polishing the Journey's aluminum wheels after it gets a good top to bottom scrubbing.  I have a day/night shade in the bedroom that needs re-stringing, too.  Not a fun job but it has to be done.

I might even find time to get moving on the novel I've been working on for the last several years and get it finished.  Then I have to see about getting it published.  Yes, I enjoy writing and have a number of ideas and stories floating around in my head.

Hopefully we have enough to keep us busy so we don't get a bad case of hitch itch.  Holding our new granddaughter makes it all worth while.

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  1. a whole month in one spot! great to be able to help out with the new parents and lovely little Annabelle!

  2. I am going to have a great-niece in May, can hardly wait, to get a baby fix. Have been having fun getting girly things for her.
    Your new grand-baby is darling!!

  3. You're staying put for a month??? Well, Annabelle does make everything worth it and I'm sure you're more than appreciated.

    I hope the FamCamp folks don't remember the incident with your sewer hose for your sake.

  4. Somehow I doubt if your family viewed your visit as "moochdocking". Mooching has such a negative connotation especially when you were there to help out. Maybe "drivedocking" or "yarddocking" is a better fit. Enjoy the next month with that grandbaby--such a special time.

  5. If the stories you've related in the blog are anything to go by, a novel written by you would be a fun read.

  6. Ooh a novel! That would be cool.
    Enjoy your stay, you will enjoy seeing friends and family :)

  7. You will be surprised at how fast a month goes by :)

  8. Wow! Look at that beautiful new baby! What a journey you guys are on! We have about three of those shades that need restringing. John usually does that. Maybe this time, I'll help. Take care you two. Have fun and stay safe.

  9. Hope everything comes out all right in the hookup department! :)

  10. That month will just fly by! You'll be surprised :)

    Looking forward to that novel.

  11. Hitch Itch is not possible me thinks with that sweet baby only 10 miles down the road.

  12. your only 10 mi down the your not far from that gorgeous baby you have full hookups...enjoy your time with the new I know you will be such a help!!!! xox

  13. Awwww how adorable! And so wonderful you can be close by and help out too. Another great reason to have an RV, right? Go to where the new grandbabies are but still have your own space.

    We are on baby-wait for two grandsons during the next week or two here. Daughter and Daughter-in-law both ready to deliver soon. wheeeheeeeeee

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard