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Friday, March 30, 2012

Hold Your Water

It began as a little drip.  The Journey had a tiny leak and it increasingly got bigger and bigger, until it was having trouble holding its water.

The Journey has a connection where the fresh water hose attaches, it is not the easiest place to get at and is the only way to put water into the water tank or the fresh water plumbing system.  I anticipated it was not going to get better so I ordered a new connection assembly.  I carried it around waiting for the time when the stars aligned, when the drip got really bad and the weather was warm and sunny.

Today was the day.  The drip was so bad that I would hook up, fill the fresh water tank and then shut off the water hose.  Not the best way to live.  The Journey was embarrassed by its incontinence.

After reviewing the Journey's plumbing system at the Winnebago online plumbing diagrams, I pulled out the old connection,

and installed the new connection. 

 I also added a short extension hose so it is easier to hook up the fresh water hose.

No more leaks, no Depends, no more embarrassment.  :c)

Now, back by popular demand, pictures of baby Anabelle. 

Corey and his little girl having some quality time together.

And Anabelle having a conversation with Mimi Marti.

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  1. Daddy's going to have a tough time with Anabelle (is it one "n" or two "n's"?). She's a real beauty and he's going to be fighting the boys off. However, I bet grandpa is going to be out there helping too!

    Glad you got your drip fixed. It keeps you busy and out of Marti's way!!

  2. She is just too cute for words. I love babies. And no drip is a great thing. Glad the stars aligned for you.

  3. the stars more depends for the Journey and Annabelle is getting cuter every day!

  4. Oh, my goodness, that baby is darling!!

  5. Awww...Anabelle is sure a cutie pie. I suppose you could always have borrowed one of her diapers for the Journey's embarrassing problem... but you got it fixed so all is well.

  6. Well, I have to admit, I have a hard time understanding all this technical stuff - BUT, I love the pictures of the baby! Keep 'em coming!!!

  7. Glad to see you finally got the Journey potty trained;o))

    Anabelle is precious!!! Great Photos!!!

  8. Good repair; wit RSanity's Depends thrown out you have room for a stash of baby diapers for when Anabelle comes to visit.

  9. LOL about your incontinent home on wheels.

    Our Journey has the same set up, but our "advantage" is that I am clumsy with fat fingers. I don't know why the Winne. People chose a part without a turnable female fitting, but having to turn the whole coil of hose over and over until the fitting was tight seemed a very cumbersome process and not all that easy in the cool late october temps of IL. So, on our first trip out I realized I was going to have problems getting that fitting tight every time we hooked up. So we went out looking for an adapter just like you got. Sometimes it's good to be clumsy.

    And while at it, I bought a second one to go on the other end of the supply hose so that on those times when the hose gets tugged at I won't be risking damage at the hosepipe.

    During our last visit to our local IKEA store I noticed a new saying on their wall: "Limited Space Creates Unlimited Creativity." And I'm finding it amazing how true those words are.

    away we go

  10. George likes the pictures of fixing things, but I'll take a pretty baby anytime :)

  11. What a beautiful baby. Now she has more leaks than your Journey!

  12. I was a little surprised to find out that the only way to add water to the fresh tank was using the hose. Our Brave would allow us to add water via a free-flow opening so I could use a portable water can. I'm going to miss it when we will have to break camp in the Journey to get fresh water at a spigot. We still like Tawanda though.

  13. Water leaks can be uber frustrating, glad it was an easy fix. The little one is just tooooo cute!!

  14. I am sure the journey appreciates that you saved it further embarassement by leaking all the time:)

    I use quick connects on the fittings as I thought the constant screwing of the hoses on the connection would call it to fail.

  15. Glad to hear you got the ol' girl fixed up. I was worried she was going to get the trade in based on a few blogs ago.

    Now that young girl, she doesn't need any fixing. Leaks or not!

  16. Don't you just hate it when that happens?? The leak, not the grandbaby :)

    Glad you got that messy business taken care of so you could get back to the important stuff-Anabelle!

  17. That Anabelle is a looker! Got two young men on this end as potential suitors. One is Mason, born on Thursday and the other will make his debut in a day or two or three. Just letting you know they would be willing to date your darling Anabelle if you let them?

    Glad the leak is fixed, although I do like the suggestion of wrapping it with Anabelle's diapers!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  18. Better make everything ready the next time you travel. Charge to experience.