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Monday, March 19, 2012

Time Is Growing Short

Our stay here in South Carolina is running out.  Even though we've loved every minute with grandsons Andrew and Owie, we will have to "pull chocks" and head North on Wednesday for a two or three day trip to New Jersey.

It is a trip we're looking forward to.  Our son Corey and daughter-in-law Amanda are expecting the arrival of their first child, a girl, who they plan to name Anabelle.

Due date is March 28, so we want to be there and set up to lend a hand in whatever they might need, dog sitting comes to mind.  They have two, a pug (Madison) and a golden retriever (Cooper).  Hospitals frown on canine visitors.

We're booked at the Naval Weapons Station Earle FamCamp for at least the next four to six weeks.  It is about ten miles from their house.  Reasonable $20/night cost for FHU. 

We are going to start organizing things tomorrow, packing up the outside, moving some things around in the basement storage and removing a few items we're going to store in our daughter's attic. 

Being retired and full time RVers sure is nice to give us the flexibility to move around when we want and when we're needed.  It was worth all the effort to get on the road.

Plus we're going to have a new granddaughter to spoil rotten! ;c)

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  1. how fun will that be..someone to dress in pink!!!..enjoy the packing up process!!

  2. Exciting times in the Dahl Family!!

    Safe Travels and Happy Trails...

  3. Nice! Safe travels, and safe birth for Amanda. Soon things will be busy!
    Granddaughters are fun :)

  4. Nothing is as precious as darling little grandchildren.... I know you will be having a GRAND time.
    Have fun & Travel safe

  5. how exciting folks...another one to love and spoil travel safe...:) hugs

  6. As you know, grandchildren are such a delight and the more the merrier!

    The things you are storing in daughter's attic, is it things you thought you'd need but don't? If so, give us a hint so we won't load them in our MH!

    Have a safe trip.

  7. It does take a much longer time to get on the road when we've been one place for a while. It's certainly not like stopping at Wal-Mart where everything stays in its place. Travel safe.

  8. Safe travels up I95 along with many snowbirds!

  9. Congrats to the new parents and the new grand-parents!

    Safe travels north. You won't be alone on the roads this time of year :)

  10. Isn't it great to be able to visit and yet still have your own place? The best of both worlds. Enjoy the new grandbaby.

  11. what a perfect example of the wonders of full timing. You can go where you are needed when you are needed. seems especially important when kids tend to scatter these days. Looking forward to hearing about your new granddaughter.

  12. While I'm not fond of traveling through the eastern states, that Grandbaby would definitely be the best reason in the world to head that way! Have a safe trip...

  13. From One Grand Treasure to the next. Life just as you had dreamed it. Good for you!! I love it when dreams come true.

  14. So glad full timing and retiring is turning out so great for you both. Wishing you safe travels north to meet your new grandchild.