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Saturday, April 14, 2012

DIrty Water Dogs And Fabric Stores

Another lazy day just lounging around the campground...or so I thought.  There I was enjoying a book on my Kindle when Marti got a text on her cellphone from her sister Gail.  Seems that Marti and Gail made plans to meet in Manhattan next weekend when Gail would come down from Rhode Island with a group of friends to shop for fabric in the fashion district.

Only when Marti got the text, she realized it was this weekend, and her sister was already in the city.

In no time we were in the Element heading North into Manhattan, about an hour and one half drive.

When we exited the Lincoln tunnel we found the usual:

Good old crawling bumper to bumper traffic.

We finally got to the Fashion District, dumped the car in a parking garage (ouch$$$) and lit out on foot to meet Marti's sister.

Since we missed lunch, while we were hoofing it to meet Gail, I grabbed us some lunch, yes, New York's famous Dirty Water Dogs, (AKA hot dogs from a cart).

We finally met up with Gail, she and Marti had a ball visiting the fabric shops to pick out new materials for sewing and crafting projects.

I just kind of hung out outside each shop and took in the sights.

Finally, all the fabric shopping was done and it became time for Marti to say goodbye to Gail.  We pried the Element from the grips of the parking garage for a mere $37 (cheaper than redeeming your car after it has been towed) and headed towards home.

We were cheered by the sight of the new Freedom Tower being built at the Ground Zero site.  We spent many years of my Coast Guard career in NYC and visited the twin towers of the World Trade Center many times, we have memories and pictures of our kids up on top of the towers.  It was good to see that the American Spirit has not been defeated.

Not your average back to nature hike, or kayak trip, but it was fun anyway.  Now if we can just pay closer attention to our day of the week clock...

Sorry, no Anabelle picture today.  Amanda's parents are visiting this weekend and we have to share. ;c)

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  1. a day in the 'Big Apple'! fun!!!

  2. Dirty water dog? Um, think I might have had to skip lunch. :-(

  3. I so love NYC! Thanks so much for the "taste" of the city. Have fun!

  4. My first lunch in Washington DC when I moved there was a dirty dog. I still remember how good it was. I only made two trips to NYC when I was on the east coast. Once to see the Chippendale dancers and the other to buy lottery tickets. Thanks for the great memories.

  5. I didn't know there was a Fabric District in NYC. Terry commuted there for about a year so we were in the city often. Of course, at that time we were so busy doing other things I probably wouldn't have cared. However, now I know who to ask if we ever decide to visit again. Where's the picture of Anabelle on this blog???

  6. Can't even imagine driving into NYC!!! That scares me more than meeting a bear in the woods;o((

  7. That sounds like a fun day. I have never been to NYC but maybe someday. $37 for

  8. Looks like you're in retirement mode alright what with losing track of days and dates. We saw the Twin Towers shimmering in the sun as we flew not too far from them the day before they fell; good to see a new tower going up on the site.

  9. Definitely a different kind of 'wild life' in NYC! :)

  10. We could never live in NYC but it sure is fun to visit. Good thing you didn't have anything else planned for the day. That was fast moving to get up there to meet up with Gail. Glad you had a great day.

    Kevin and Ruth

  11. NYC is on my bucket list. Not so much with Rick though. He has agreed to go one day as long as we don't have to drive :) There are many tour buses going in that know where they are going so we'll take advantage of that :)

    PS-that is one HUGE button!

  12. Wow you DROVE into NYC. I am in AWE!! Totally!! Really!! I can't even imagine it!

    The wildlife there has no appeal for me. Glad you two enjoyed it though. And thanks for the pictures so I can see it without having to go there.

    1. We lived in NYC (Govenors Island, just off the south tip of Manhatten) for three years, had to drive in and out of the city to go anywhere.

      I also worked in an office in Battery Parkfor almost six years. So driving in the city is old hat.

      I even pulled an large rigid hull inflatable boat through the Holland Tunnel twice. That's an around the campfire story...

  13. We haven't been into 'the city' for a couple years. Usually we'll drive in after Thanksgiving to see the Christmas sights. Driving in NYC isn't that just gotta show them who's boss :)