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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Marti's Musings: Family Time

As fellow RVers know, one of the best things about traveling is spending time with family.  Today we saw my sister, Jan, and her husband Wayne.  They still live in the area, and unfortunately still work full time.  They work crazy hours (boy do I remember those days!) - so visiting time is at a premium.  I do feel kind of guilty, as I am the youngest of 6 and other than my oldest brother, I am the only one retired.

They came over to meet Anabelle, and we had a great visit. Tomorrow, Easter Sunday, we will have our family dinner at Anabelle's house (yup, no longer her parents, it is HER house!  LOL)  This lifestyle is so much sweeter because of the special family times!

We are enjoying the campground at NWS Earl - 8 miles from their house.  Perfect, as we are not living with them, but are close enough to drop by for a quick visit, a meal or to babysit.

We are also enjoying revisiting old haunts, seeing old friends, and exploring new places that we never had been to when we lived here.  Life is good - feeling mightily blessed.

At this most holy holiday, may we all remember the reason for Easter - and I don't mean chocolate, eggs and bunnies.  He is risen - He is risen, indeed!



  1. This Easter will be even more special with your brand new grandtreasure. Happy Easter!

  2. Nice post Marti. Isn't it funny how the little ones just take over lol? She is such a darling little girl. Hope you have a very Blessed Easter celebrating with family. He is risen.

  3. Being back at "home" feels good. Being with family feels even better. Enjoy this Easter with your new little one.

  4. enjoy your Easter Sunday surrounded by those that you love so much!

  5. Happy Easter to You, Paul and The Whole Family!!!

  6. Happy Easter to you two. Enjoy your time with family on this blessed day.
    He is risen indeed!

  7. Enjoy your family and that precious new Grand Daughter. She is sooooo sweet.

    Happy Easter Paul and Marty


  8. Happy Easter to both of you. Nice to see you are enjoying lot's of good family time, it is what it is all about.

  9. Hi!

    Recently, I found your blog and have enjoyed reading it. You both are truly blessed.

    I also write a blog: Life with Lynnie

    Nice to meet you. Yes, He is risen!


    Lynn aka... Lynnie