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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Taking A Walk On The Wild Side

Sitting here in New Jersey, we’re reading about our blogging friends escapades, communing with nature, getting out and about, seeing the greatest wildlife that America has to offer.
Where we are, it is pretty citified, not too much of any kind of nature to enjoy.  We got itchy to do something different, so we went to where there was some great wildlife to see.
Where?  Atlantic City, New Jersey.
Right off the bat, we almost got trampled by some wildlife.
Getting inside, we saw all kinds of sights and sounds of Atlantic City nature.
Atlantic City has something neat that you won’t find in Vegas, like a boardwalk,
and the ocean.
Inside one of the shopping piers, we met a resident animal:
An elephant made out of jelly beans.
The elephant’s store had all kind of sweets and racks of supplements to combat life’s little inconveniences:
Of course I find this stuff now that I’m retired.
Then Marti found a shop she just had to look in, baby clothes.
Yep, more new stuff for Anabelle.  :c)
We went out on the boardwalk again  to walk off a great lunch we had.
There were some real live birds hanging out on the planks.  This is a sea gull with a black head.  See, I can identify birds just as good as Judy can!  ;c)
We left Atlantic City and all its casinos with all out money in our pockets.  Yep, we didn’t even try an one armed bandit.  We have a budget and we’re sticking to it.  At least until Marti finds baby clothes stores…  ;c)
Of course, our day wouldn’t be complete without the Anabelle picture of the day.
Here she is being watched over by Cooper, Corey’s Golden Retriever.  Cooper keeps a close eye on “his” little girl.
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PS:  Sorry this post looks odd (like any of my posts don't).  I'm trying to learn Live Writer.   It has a learning curve and I'm a slow learner...


  1. I liked your Atlantic City information and pictures... but the Anabelle and Cooper photo is precious!

  2. Paul, I admire your bird identification skills, mostly because they mirror mine.

  3. Cooper makes a fine 'babysitter'!!!.glad you enjoyed Atlantic City!

  4. You certainly did see a lot of wildlife! That place is wild. Now ... Anabelle? She's where you should have been cuddling up with her.

  5. Oh my -- those wild horses almost gotcha. Glad you survived the 'wildlife' of Atlantic City, otherwise we would not have seen Anabelle being 'guarded' by a gentle golden not-so-wild life. And thanks for sharing your sighting of the 'rare jelly bean ellie' -- I can honestly say we've not seen that species before ;-)

  6. That is the cutest 'Anabelle' photo yet:o))

    Just precious!!!

  7. Ahh Lucy! I recognize that elephant. What did they do..replicate her out of bird seed? :)
    Haven't been to AC in a year or so..used to go a lot. Now they have slots in our need to travel :)
    Goldens are such great dogs..adorable picture!

  8. What a precious picture of cooper and Annabelle!

  9. Glad you found some wildlife! Love the picture of Anabelle and Cooper.

  10. We have never been to Atlantic City so thanks for the tour. Judy will be so proud of you and your Bird ID skills lol.

    Anabelle and Cooper well there is just no words.

    Take Care

  11. I so enjoyed this post and your wild life pictures. Made my day this morning.

  12. Atlantic City looks as dreary as I remember it.

  13. Judy's right, it really is a laughing gull and if you hang around them long enough, you can hear them laugh. They are my kind of wildlife which is why neither Atlantic City nor Las Vegas has ever been on my bucket list.

    1. Yes, it is a Laughing Gull. You should have heard all the people laughing at me as I chased it all over the boardwalk, trying to get a good picture of it.

      I was trying to compete with Judy, Sherry and Nancy, the best bird photographers, bar none.

  14. That is a cute Anabelle picture. Cooper is a beautiful Golden. They make such gentle family dogs.
    I have a sudden urge to eat a lot of jelly beans. Wonder if that elephant would miss a trunk?