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Monday, April 16, 2012

Marti's Musings: This 'n' That And Dollar Store Finds

We have had a quiet few days - after our NYC trip.  We love being back in our old stomping grounds, attending our old church (where our daughter also got married), seeing our old friends, and yes - visiting Anabelle!

Paul has written (and written, and written and written) about our (lack of) closet space, thanks in part to my, um - er, well?  enjoyment of clothes.  If you remember, our DIL Amanda (aka Anabelle's Mommy) helped us organize the rig when we hit the road.  However, we ran out of time before we could hit the bedroom closet.  I did that solo - and had to squeeze in my work clothes, Christmas sweaters and other clothes suitable for various occasions, including church etc.  Amanda let me know the value of the velvet/felt/whatever hangers.  They are thinner, and prevent slippage from the hanger during travels.  We also found the same kind of material pants hangers, that allowed for 4 pants to hang in the same space of one.

At the dollar store, I also found a closet genie, hanger extender.  For a dollar I got 2.  I half expected them to break once I actually used them, but voila! they are hardier than I thought and freed up quite a bit of room.  The dollar store also carries 2 hangers for a dollar - not too bad.

Four months later, we have already left more stuff at daughter Heather's, where most of our belongings are stored.  Now we have more to leave at Corey and Amanda's - winter stuff, not needed in the mild climate of SC.  So, although the closet is less full than when we pulled out, I still like options to choose from.  I still have more weeding out to do, and according to the more experienced full timers out there, I hear that is an ongoing process...actually, that is pretty satisfying and I am enjoying that more and more (Ha!  Who knew?  Not me!)

So, although I am still frustrated with a shortage of counter space, and wish there were a few more drawers here and is good.  We are blessed, and oh-so-grateful to God for this chance to live a dream.

Thanks for visiting, and feel free to leave a comment.  ~Marti


  1. Thanks for the hangers advice. Those are great suggestions. I think what you need on the road depends on what you do. We find that we seldom do anything that requires other than shorts or jeans so we only have 2 outfits suitable for anything else and have used them once in two years. But we do have all weights of coats and jackets which take up room unless you stuff most of them under the bed as we do. Your lifestyle will dictate and who knows, as time goes on, perhaps you'll end up with more room in your closets than you think.

    1. Marti will be the best dressed hiker in the woods...

  2. I'm afraid I'm still carrying clothes with me that I packed for special occasions six years ago. Most I have never worn. :(

    Of course I have the whole closet to myself! :)

  3. We're one of the few couples I know that the husband has more clothes than the wife :) I can't wait to get rid of some the work clothes I have. I'm sick of them already :) George on the other hand.... ;-)

  4. I wondered how sturdy those Closet Genies from the dollar store are. Will have to give them a try.

  5. My aunt gave me some of those velvet/felt covered hangers; I'll plan to bring them on the road they are working for you.

  6. I think I might get some of those velvet/felt hangers.

    We find we're wearing only casual clothes and it seems mostly the same things all the time. We need to purge more too.

  7. we have been using the felt hangers for over a year now and we love them...we also need to purge more upon our return home...I plan to remove everything we did not even have off the hanger...enjoy Anabelle is she ever growing....what a dolly

  8. Closet space is at a premium for me too. It's hard to throw good clothes out but I've had to do that more than I want. I do have some good folding places and those get pretty stuffed at times. I'm not sure I'd want someone to show me how to fit everything in. It might mean more would have to go out.