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Monday, April 23, 2012

Survived A Nor'Easter

It was quite a storm and for once, the weatherman got it right.  Where we are, just a couple of miles inland from the Jersey shore, we braced for it.

We're very used to Nor'easters, we lived right on the Jersey shore for 11 years and saw our fair share of high winds and flooding, breaking surf.  Sandy Hook, NJ was where our home was.  The Coast Guard base was located right at the tip of a seven mile long peninsula pointing to the entrance of New York Harbor.

We survived the "Perfect Storm" back in 1992, and made it through an even more severe storm in November 1992, know as the "Unnamed Storm" which left us stranded on the Hook for over a week with no heat, no water and no food.  The road in to the base was buried for more than five miles under seven feet of sand washed up off the beaches by the waves. 

All the families pooled our resources and we took shelter in a couple of homes where the electrician mates were able to hook some gas powered welding machines into the house's electric circuits to get the furnaces to run.  Meals we took at the Coast Guard station building because it had an emergency diesel generator.   Heavy equipment took most of the week to dig out the road, then the power company was able to follow in and replace all the downed telephone poles and restring the wires.

I spent a good part of the week after the storm manning a security checkpoint with some Park Rangers to prevent sightseers and looters out of the nearby communities that were devastated by the storm.  I was never so cold in all my life.

When we heard the weather forecast, we were ready.  My diesel tank is almost full so we'd have the generator for power (and heat).  I was ready to pull in the slides to protect the awnings.  We didn't worry about any flooding, if the water reached to where we were, it would be time to start looking for an Ark.

The rain came, it really pounded on the roof.  Maybe it washed some of the dirt off it?  I don't like to climb up there and scrub it down any more than I have to.

The winds picked up, but we didn't feel too much rocking and it never got so strong that I had to pull in the slides.  The biggest problem we had was needing to turn the volume up on the TV so we could hear it over the pounding rain.

The rain stopped later in the evening, the wind died down and we went to bed, dry, comfy and well.

This morning I got up and looked around outside the Journey to see if there was any damage.  Of course, Marti's patio rug was in a heap.  The only casualty was our BBQ grill was blown over off its table and broke off the fitting for the little propane bottle, irreparable.  The grill was old and probably was only going to last maybe another year, so it's not a great loss.

Not much of a storm for us, we're glad it's over and we're back to normal.  It is great peace of mind to be self contained in our wheeled home.  Just another "bennie" of the full time life.  :c)

Of course, the picture of the day of little Anabelle.  Her parents are turning her into a punk rocker!

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  1. That was quite the nor'easter you survived in 1992; glad this one was nothing like it. We got the rain a littler earlier out at the Smokies. Sure was glad we were way up from the banks of Little River and didn't have to worry about any flooding.

  2. Glad you guys made it through the storm...what an adorable photo of Anabelle!

  3. Being in any storm is no fun. We've pulled in our slides a few times too. Glad it's behind you and now only sunny skies ahead. Well, that's what I hope. It's been beautiful here. We'll send it your way to dry you out.

    Anabelle is still a cutie.

  4. no storms are any fun but at least you made the most of it..I see new grill in your future!

  5. Love the hair, Anabelle! You rock!

  6. We were quite happy that the white stuff stayed a bit north and west of us. Poor George already took all the protective barriers off of Harvey. He was pacing!!

  7. Glad you survived the storm! Oooh your little punk rocker is starting to behave like a Wild Child... you better rein her in before she takes off to hit Hollywood to be an actress or a dancer!!!!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  8. Glad you made it safely through the storm. Annabelle is growing fast. Great pic.

  9. I'm glad to hear you made it through the storm okay. At least the grill didn't blow into the motorhome and cause any damage to it. I always worry about flying debris when we have a storm.

    I like Anabelles new "do."

  10. You two sure have the experience in dealing with storms. No wonder you took it all so calmly. That sure is one cutie of a granddaughter you've got there. I don't suppose you've noticed. LOL

  11. Glad you are safe, any storm in an RV is scary

  12. Storms are no joke when you are in a movable abode. Everything is magnafied. I remember from my early military days with my young family living in a trailer, with hurricanes hitting NC in the 70's, lots of rocking and shaking. But pounding rain on my RV roof, yes, I can identify with that. With 2 years living in Seattle, many, many times, phone conversations were just impossible during the numerous, almost daily rain storms in the winter.

  13. Whole different world riding out a good storm in a RV. Really makes you think just how fragile our little boxes can be, compared to our old S&Bs.

  14. Loved reading your story of the big storm, Paul. I could have read a whole book about it. An exciting story. Anabelle is beyond adorable. We are so blessed to have the RV life.

  15. Loved reading your story of the big storm, Paul. I could have read a whole book about it. An exciting story. Anabelle is beyond adorable. We are so blessed to have the RV life.

  16. Don't like storms in the RV!

    Anabelle is rockin' that look!