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Friday, April 6, 2012

I Crack Myself Up

It was inevitable.  With the amount of miles we've traveled (7000) since we started our full time life four months ago, it had to happen.  The odds were against us.

Yes, it ended up with broken bits laying on the ground after the accident.  I felt sick about it.  It was because of a  mere second's lack of attention that it happened.

In all the years I've been operating motor vehicles, I've had a couple of minor fender benders, but this one was different.  No engine was running, in fact, I wasn't even behind the wheel.  But that didn't stop this accident from happening.

It wasn't the Journey that was involved, even the Element wasn't involved...sort of.  It was one of our two scooters that we carry inside the Element.

The scooters, also know as the "Tadpoles" squeeze into the back of the Element, so tight in fact that I have to put one in facing forward, the other facing backwards.

It was the backwards scooter that got cracked up.  I had the Element's tailgate open and was pulling out the scooter.  I had lowered the front wheel to the ground and then rolled it forward to let the back wheel drop off the tailgate and drop to the ground like I had done many times before.

This time as the back wheel rolled off the tailgate and started dropping down, the tail light bracket caught on the edge of the tailgate.  That's when the laws of physics took over and gravity pulled the scooter to the ground, the weight of the scooter overcoming the plastic tail light assembly.

Crack!   And the damage was done, really done.  Not only did the tail light break off,

the weight of the scooter cracked the main body as well (sniff).

Today my son Corey and I headed for the local Honda motorcycle shop to order the new parts.  Corey insisted that he come along because he does business with that shop and gets a discount.  Glad he came, he saved me $40.  Even with his discount, the new parts cost $168 and should arrive in about a week.  It could have been worse, but thankfully, I can replace the parts myself and save the labor charge.  I guess I'll put this on the miscellaneous line of our budget.

While we were out for parts, Marti visited with Anabelle.  I think she's getting tired of having her picture taken...

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  1. sorry to hear you 'had a little accident'!..happens to the best of us!

  2. Murphy must have been looking over your shoulder this time.

  3. Jeeze..and I'm sure little Anabelle was getting a ride today too! :)

  4. Well you had me thinking it was something really terrible. After all the things that flashed through my mind, this seems minor. Glad you can fix it though. Nice to have a son with discounts. Where can I get one???

  5. We had to buy some new panels and stuff for one the ATVs. We were surprised at the cost of the small little pieces. You could put this on the "entertainment" line on your budget. You certainly kept us entertained with your story .... sorry about the accident. I'm glad it was minor.

    Does Anabelle ever cry? I still think she's a beauty.

  6. Man oh man., you are crackin me up! Sorry, that's the best I can do tonight.

  7. Looking at the sleeping beauty, the little bender bender seems so insignificant:)

  8. Awww man! That hurts! At least with Corey's discount and replacing the parts yourself you'll save money on the repair.

  9. Sorry about your accident, but I'm really enjoying the Anabelle pictures. She really does look annoyed...

  10. Oooops ... glad to hear it was a "had a little accident" moment.

  11. I absolutely love that you call them tadpoles. Little toads are so nice to have for excursions.