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Friday, April 20, 2012

Lifestyles Within The Lifestyle

Got some great comments on yesterday’s post (and one spam comment that I deleted, the first comment I’ve had to do this to).  Thanks to all of you for those interesting viewpoints.

The comments got me thinking, we so often talk about the RV “Lifestyle”, but I realized there are many lifestyles within the lifestyle.

There are hardcore boondockers like Tioga George and Kevin and Ruth, who rarely stay in established campgrounds.  Others enjoy COE parks, National and State parks, sometimes with hookups to commune with nature.  Then there are the resort campers who have to have FHUs and an entire list of activities that fill up the days. 

The beauty of it all is there is no right way or wrong way to RV, it’s up to each one to find their perfect lifestyle.  We’re counting our blessings to be able to do what we want to do.

At our site in the FamCamp today we got new visitors and they’ll be here a while.  I took their picture, you folks with the great wildlife pictures no longer have anything on me!  Here’s a cat and a deer that have taken up residence right down the street from us.


They are starting construction of a new police station here on the base.  We’re going to enjoy watching the work going on over there.  Guess we don’t have to worry about noisy generators for a while.  ;c)

The New Jersey shore is lined with lighthouses that were constructed to provide safe sailing for mariners.  Some are still operational, others have been decommissioned and turned over to the state or local towns for a new life as tourist attractions.

New lighthouses haven’t been built in years, but we found a brand new lighthouse that was built for a completely different mission:


It’s an ice cream store, and it has great ice cream.  A whole different kind of tourist attraction.

We’re looking forward to taking little Anabelle there in the not too distant future for some ice cream.  Yep, looks like she’s screaming for ice cream already.  ;c)


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  1. At least the Cats and Deer are quiet at night. But then Annabell can be noisy 24 / 7 if she chooses! You know, I think she looks like Marti!

  2. You are right in that the RV lifestyle has a different meaning to everyone who lives it. There is no right and wrong. What works for some certainly wouldn't work for all. Yes, Anabelle is definitely a Marti duplicate.

  3. I must have gotten the same spam. Weird. Cool new ice cream place!

  4. The rv lifestyle we liked when "camping" has changed since we started fulltiming.

    Love the "wildlife" photos.

  5. For each full timer, there is a niche. We haven't found ours yet.
    As for the spam, I get it 3 or 4 times a week! I'm just about ready to activate the word verification again.

  6. hahahahaha love your wildlife photos Paul you gave me a good laugh first thing this morning.

    Enjoy the RV life just the way you want to like everyone is saying there is no right or wrong way.

  7. Remember to stay quiet around that cat and deer, or you'll spook them and you won't get to enjoy the encounter :-)))))))

    We'll be searching for our niche. Checked out the NP campground just outside Cades Cove while we were at the Smokies this week and it didn't take long for us to determine that it wasn't for us. Hopefully, there will be nicer ones in other parks that we can stay at.

  8. I get the spam too but since it comes to my email box first, I know it is there and I just delete it. Small price to pay for making it easy for folks to leave the comments I love.

    Sure wish I could choose my style of fulltiming. It got done for me unfortunately.
    I would choose that NP campground E & Mui don't want. Well maybe not the Cades Cove, tough drive to get there for a bigger rig, but for sure the Elkmont. :-)

  9. Aw adorable Annabelle!~

    Showed Steve the pic of the wildlife.. heh heh, he liked that one!

    We are of the lifestyle of Tioga George, and Kevin and Ruth. We like out of the way places, we are set up to boondock comfortably, and like FREEEEEE ....

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

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