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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Going Loco

Ouch!  I have been sufficiently  chastised for leaving out a picture of Anabelle in yesterday’s post.  Sorry!  Hope this makes up for it.

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We were out and about yesterday.  I have certainly slowed down now that we’re retired, well, at least in my driving.  We’re trying to stop and smell the roses (or the coffee for Marti).  Not saying I was driving too slow, but we got passed by this car:


It was a 1901 Locomobile, steam powered and everything.  The driver even tooted his steam whistle as he roared by us at an eye watering 15 mph.  Maybe I am driving a little too slow.

Having never seen a Locomobile even in a museum, let along on the road, we had to look at it up close and personal.

The driver pulled into a parking lot and prepared to load the car into his trailer to take it home.  15 mph was breakneck speed back in 1901, but driving down an interstate today with it would find him as a hood ornament on a Peterbilt in no time.

The driver restored the car over a number of years and enjoys taking it out for Sunday drives and car shows.




It even had a real “trunk”.


The driver squeezed it in to his trailer and tied it down. 


Just another fun thing we saw while wandering around.  It is always neat to see a piece of living history.  We wondered how many things we must have missed over the years when we were running back and forth to work.  This retired life is really something, or as Judy would say: “Cool Beans”.

One more Anabelle picture.  Hopefully this puts me back in our reader's good graces.  ;c)


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  1. Little steam engines sure ain't as powerful as a Cummins Diesel but wow, what a neat piece of history!

  2. What a cool sighting of the old car. Anabelle is getting cuter by the day!!

  3. Cummins are pretty popular but steam was the thing in it's day.

    Yep .. Anabelle is still a doll.

  4. Anabelle is such a little sweetie. I wonder if she will ever get to see a working version of the locomobile in her lifetime, I sure hope so. Glad you are taking the time to see some of the simple things in life. We love too!

    Don't forget to vote for us,

    Kevin and Ruth

  5. ohhh that annabelle gets cuter and cuter every day!!!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  6. welcome back Anabelle!..cute as a button as always!

  7. Cool beans on the car and little one! :)

  8. Well, we are glad to see you have slow down and are finding COOL stuff for us viewers!! We almost had whiplash from some of your travels;o))

  9. What a great car. Wonder how many were originally built? I'd love to take a ride in it. 15 mph is just about how fast I like to travel. :-)

    Annabelle looks like she's working on that moving thing too.

  10. I had never heard of that kind of car. Very neat.

    Well that little Annabelle has stolen my heart

    Take Care

  11. The nice thing about running into people that own things like that cool car is that they love to talk about them too. Good thing you were going so slow :)

    Thanks for getting back on track with the Anabelle pictures! Adorable.

  12. Slowing down was the hardest thing for us to do and we still have times when we have to remind ourselves that even though we are not retired, we are living a much simpler lifestyle where we do not have to be in full speed all the time. Life is grand!

  13. Jo sometimes has to tell me to speed up too, don't want to miss anything

  14. Life in the slow lane, ahhhh you just can't beat it.

  15. Great car! Love the horn and trunk.

  16. What a find for me! Was going thru' lots of old Pop Mechanics online without success, then, what a wonderful surprise, the very cute old steamer. Glad you had an eye for it, snapped it, and I get to see it. Ilive in Malaysia(north of Singapore) and am a great fan of steam trains and road cars, all interests built up from old mags in my teens. I'm 64 now! Take care now Paul,Marti and jewel Anabelle