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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dinner in the Old West at Disney World

When we visit Disney World, we enjoy sampling meals at the many restaurants that are found all through the parks.  Even the the hotels have interesting places to chow down.

We have always wanted to visit the Wilderness Lodge, which is located right next to the Fort Wilderness campground.

You can drive there or take a boat from the Fort Wilderness Marina to get there.  We hopped on the boat to make our way over to the lodge,

 Heather had made reservations for us to have dinner at the Whispering Canyon Cafe.

The Wilderness Lodge is amazing to see, it is themed to resemble the famous  Yellowstone Lodge  at Yellowstone National Park.  The interior is built of logs and has a huge fireplace.  While we waited to be seated, we enjoyed looking at the construction of the lobby, it has totem poles, carvings, tepee shaped lights hanging from the ceiling and a massive fireplace.

Everything was larger than life, and the meal did not disappoint, either.  Andrew ordered a large lemonade.  None of us had seen a large this large!  Yes, he almost finished it.

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PS:  Marti's friend is having brain surgery to remove the tumor on Monday, we're hoping for the best.


  1. that was one 'big lemomaide'!!!..what a great place to have dinner!!

  2. Great pictures of the lodge! I'll take one of those lemonades too please.

    WOW what a sudden change in the life of Marti's co-worker. None of us every knows what's in store. Hoping for the very best.

  3. How many trips to the bath room did it take to almost finish the lemonade?

  4. Marti,

    Your friend will be in our prayers. We know the power of prayer...our grandson, Daniel, is living proof.


  5. Marti: You and your friend are in our prayers!