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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Little Fun, A Little Work

As with any home, there is always some little things that need attention, our Journey is no different.  I had a couple of items that I wanted to get done and what better way to do them is with my special helper, Owie.

First up was the engine hatch cover that had come loose after the epoxy failed.  It needed to be re-glued with some heavy duty marine epoxy.

I had used some plastic zip ties to hold it together temporarily.  Owie helped me cut off the zip ties and we removed the whole hatch cover.

We scraped off the old epoxy from the fiberglass and sanded off the paint from the metal frame.  Then with the marine grade epoxy, we applied it to the surfaces and clamped them together with four clamps and let it dry in the sun for a couple of hours.

While it was drying, we decided to hop on our golf cart and go looping, that is drive around the various loops in the Fort Wilderness campground and look at the different RVs and see the decorations that some people put out.  This RV had so many Disney decorations, you wonder if there were any left for anyone else to buy.

Owie thought we should have some Mickey decorations at our site, so he collected a bunch of pine cones and made a Micky face on the ground next to the Journey.

We then took on another project, washing the Journey.  It was pretty clean when we left but upon our arrival it was covered with bugs, something we haven't seen in a while.

Now before you think that I was ignoring child labor laws, I want you to know that Owie loved being the hose man.  In fact, he spent more time hosing me down than the Journey. :c)

We reinstalled the engine hatch cover and it looked and fit as good as new.

Heather, Brian and Andrew just arrived (10:33 PM) so we're heading to bed to get ready for our first day in the parks, Disney Hollywood Studios, here we come!


  1. congrats on finally getting the engine cover 'put back together'..
    looks like Owie is having a great time being Grandpa's little helper!!

  2. What fun! I can't believe you're only an hour and half from us. Have fun!

    The cover looks great, good job.

  3. What a sweet little guy, and such a good helper!

  4. Owie is absolutely adorable! I still can't believe that he insisted on going South with you. LOVE the Mickey pine cone sculpture.

  5. Owie will remember this FOREVER!!

    Something special about "One on One" time!!

    Can't wait to go to Disney Hollywood Studios ;o)))

  6. I hope you guys have the best time ever! I'm looking forward to those Disney Hollywood pictures!