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Monday, March 21, 2011

Major League Bummer - We're Home

We drove the 865 miles to our home from Disney World, spread over two days.  The Journey seemed awfully silent without the boys in it.  The Journey ran like a top and gave me a steady 7.5 mpg towing the Element.  I ran right at 65 mph, faster than I usually drive but we had lots of miles to cover in a short time.

Marti and I were talking about next year's Disney trip, we'll do it sometime in February.  However, if everything works out, we won't have a home to come back to, we'll be living in it.  So after next year's Disney trip, we both thought at the same time that we'll head further South, to Key West.

We visited Key West back on New Year's Eve in 2005, we stayed on the Navy Base campground.  We only had two days and promised ourselves we'd come back and stay longer.  So that's the plan.

I have a bunch of pictures to go through from our trip, so stay tuned for the next couple of posts.  I'm having trouble with the new camera I bought, when I copy my pictures to the computer via Picasa, they are sized too big and take forever to upload to the blog.  I'd appreciate any ideas on how to resize the pictures so they load faster.


  1. glad you are both home safe and sound..sorry to hear about the picture you follow Rick and Paulette..he is the go to guy!!..he has a book on his download..that may help with your settings?

  2. When you upload, did you change the "size to upload"?

  3. No help with the Picasa issue ;o(

    Know what you mean about things being quiet when the kids leave!! But what great memories you made. Can't wait to see the photos.

    Now if we all can get our houses sold, we can go on a permanent vacation:o))

  4. Paul,

    Go to our blog site, go to Blog Archives, scroll down to the "Still working on Photos and a Partial Solution" entry, bring it up and go down to the comments.

    There, you will find a comment from Froggi Donna telling me how to resize photos and fix the photo loading problem that I had.

    It worked for me and I'm sure it will for you. Its a great little program that's easy to use.

    Good luck, Jim

  5. Next time you leave Disney, it will no doubt be a totally different feeling!

  6. Won't it be nice when you don't have to 'go' home from vacation, but that you are 'in' home on 'vacation'.. :)