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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Marti's Musings: Good News - Step UP

Well, today we took the Journey for a run (of course to Camping World - Paul had a gift card burning a hole in his pocket, er wallet).  The good news?  Despite having an air boot, similar to a 10 lb weight on my ankle, I was able to climb UP into the camper (first effort since the fracture) and back down - twice!  Ha! Our trip to Disney will not be thwarted!

The RV ran like a top, sure felt good to be riding in it, no pressure - even though it was a quick trip.  We enjoyed dreaming of the not-too-distant future when this will be the norm, rather than the treat.  Yeah!

We've been able to get several  major things done, working towards our FT dream.  The 'counter guy' came and measured our kitchen counters, getting ready for replacement.  Then he called the 'glass guy' as we have a window pane that got broken, and the fireplace glass has one pane broken, too.  That guy said 'no problem' - he can do both jobs, and reasonably, too!  (not sure why we waited so long?!?)

Lastly, we tried out  a product we found to refresh our cabinets.  Wow - pretty good stuff with only a little elbow grease.  You just spray this stuff on, and wipe it off.  It really makes the cabinets look nearly new!  I worked on several of the cabinets today, and was impressed with the difference.  Hopefully, when it sits overnight it won't return to the original look, with the wood sucking in the oils, etc.  We shall see tomorrow. If it isn't that good, we have 2 more products to try, just in case... :-) After that we will need to  replace the knobs, and that will finish that item on the checklist.

Wonder how fast we could get through our lists if we weren't both working...  ah well, soon enough.  ~Marti

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  1. Danish Oil is great for using on wood, I have done up several wooden wardrobes and sets of drawers and they have all come out great and it lasts well.