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Monday, March 14, 2011

Some Fun Around the Fort

We have not yet gone into any of the parks yet because we're waiting for Heather, Brian and Andrew to arrive Tuesday night.  The park fun will start Wednesday.

In the mean time, we've been bopping around the campground on our rented golf cart.  The campground is pretty full, only a few empty sites.  Owie enjoyed seeing the many sites that are decorated with Mickey Mouse themes.

We've made good use of the pools, Owie loved the kiddie slide.  He came out after a long while wrinkled like a raisin.

We wandered thorough one of the campground stores.  Prices are expected to be a little high, but check out the price of this six pack of Diet Coke.

That's almost enough to make me think (ick) about drinking coffee!

Yesterday, I told you about squeezing the Journey into our site.  It was a tight fit, check out the tire tracks and see how we inched our way in.  Marti is a good guide.

So here is the Journey and the Element in the site.  This site is a FHU, but it's not one of the upgraded premium sites.  Those sites are much wider, longer and much more expensive.  We're not complaining, it is hard to reserve sites unless you book way in advance.  This is the beginning of the busy, Spring Break season, so availability is limited.  I booked back in November! 

Throughout the campground are playgrounds.  Owie has enjoyed climbing on them all.

Tonight we met our friends that we have not seen since Heather and Brian's wedding almost 10 years ago.  We had a great visit with Mark and Connie and we look forward to more visits in the future when we hit the road.  After dinner, we took advantage of being in town, stopped at a Walmart and picked up some Diet Coke at more realistic prices.  I really (really) didn't want to resort to drinking that foul and evil liquid called coffee. :c)

Tomorrow, a little tinkering on the Journey, some more looping and swimming while we wait for the rest of the gang.  Oh yeah, the weather, it's been in the low eighties and sunny.  We're beginning to thaw out, it's a great time to be here.

PS:  Blogger and Picasa seem to be on better terms tonight, I was able to put up some pictures.  Hopefully, this relationship will continue. ;c)


  1. is that diet coke made of 'gold'??..geesh ..what a rip off!!..enjoy the time alone with Owen before the rest of the gang shows up..
    nice work on the parking job!..doesn't look like it was that tight of a fit now that your are in!!..just remember you have to get out too!!

  2. We can enjoy Disney World without going to the parks as well. One of our favorite things to do is ride the boat from the campground to the Contemporary and then hop the monorail and explore all the 3 resorts with monorail stops. The Grand Floridian is our favorite because they usually have someone playing the grand piano or a small orchestra playing big band tones.

    We can't wait til we can take our grandkids also!!

  3. OOH! 80's sound heavenly .. so does a pool.. :)

  4. Like yer way of postin' about that place. Mite even get me and Nilda to stop by on our way north towards Kentucky this spring.

  5. That site is tight, but looks a lot longer than the one we had. There was no room in the front to park the toad. Had to rely on the kindness off our neighbor to keep it off the street.

    have fun!

  6. Hey Paul and Marti,
    Sounds like good times in store! (But not in the store that is selling that coke for $8. That's insane!)