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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rolling Around the Fort

One of the fun things we all love to do at Fort Wilderness is called "Looping", which is riding around all the loops at the campground and see the many things that are there.  We rent a golf cart from the Fort Wilderness Bike Barn, but you can bring your own and many people do.  The rental is not cheap, but for us, on a weeks vacation, it's worth it.

You can have any color golf cart you'd like, as long as it's green!

Andrew is looking forward to the day when he is old enough to drive (16 by Disney rules).

Even Mimi (Marti) likes to drive.

We drove to one of the stores, called the Settlement.  They carry souvenirs and some food and camping items.

Down towards the lake is the marina where you can catch a boat to the Magic Kingdom.  The trees look pretty with all the Spanish Moss hanging from the branches.

There is a restaurant there call the Trails End and also a Dinner Theater where a popular show, the Hoopty Doopty Review plays twice every night.

All around there are staff maintaining and sprucing up the grounds to keep everything in tip-top shape.  Here some careful repainting is taking place.

There is golf cart parking right near the marina, it is just a short walk to the boat.

We were very fortunate to be escorted by Indiana Jones.

There is a beautiful, white sandy beach at the marina.  The lake is called Bay Lake, but swimming is not allowed!  There is a periodic bloom of a type of bacteria that can make you very sick so you have to stay out of the water.  But that's okay, because the pools are awesome.

You can rent boats or charter a boat to go out fishing on the lake.

We also love looking at all the RVs parked in the loops.  You'll see everything from simple tents and pop-ups to the largest motorhomes.  People bring all kinds of things to decorate their sites.  Check out this one, it is an inflatable movie screen, complete with mouse ears to project movies and TV shows on.
It was huge, so big in fact that it totally hid the Class A motorhome parked behind it!

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  1. Just wonderin' if it takes a loopy person to make a loopy post?

    I.M. not a sayin' ya are one, but ya sure got me to wonderin.

  2. We were too cheap to rent a cart, so we had to walk the loops.

  3. we love doing the loop thing..except in BC walking is the way!!..looking at everyone's rigs and set ups are still and always will be a favourite pastime when we go camping!!