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Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Journey Has Landed

Gin and Syl are correct, we did overnight at the Roanoke Rapids Walmart.  We slept well, with just a touch of heat on in the Journey to chase away the chill.

We started the day out an hour earlier, thanks (?) to Daylight Savings Time.  It didn't sit too well with Owie, he conked out for over two hours as we traveled.  I do have to say, I am very pleased with the King Dome In Motion Satellite Dish we have.  Owie got to watch all his favorite TV shows, just like at his house.  It made a long ride much easier for all of us.

We arrived at Fort Wilderness about 4:30 PM and found our site (1737).  It was really a tight squeeze to fit into it.  Some of the neighbors came out to watch, thinking I'd mow down some trash cans, site markers or trees, but I disappointed them all.  Marti and I have a really good system, she guides me and if either one of us thinks something is not going right, we stop, I get out and look it over with Marti.  We have an ironclad rule, I only listen to Marti.  Sometimes, people try to help by shouting advice, but, if you've ever seen the scene in the Long, Long Trailer where Ricky is backing up his trailer with about ten people shouting all kind of directions, you'll understand why it's Marti and only Marti that I listen to.

I had alot of fun getting set up with Owie, he helped me plug in and got to press all the buttons in the Journey that deploy the jacks and the slides.  As a reward, he and I went to the Fort Wilderness pool area where he swam and played on the water slides for about an hour and a half.  His smile was great to see, this is what having time with your grandkids is all about.  Marti and I are grateful that his parents let us borrow him a couple of days in advance of their arrival (Tuesday PM) to Fort Wilderness.

Tomorrow, we pick up our golf cart and do some "Looping", a time honored tradition at Fort Wilderness where you drive around the campground loops and look at all the RVs and the many decorations people put out.  Then for supper, we're going to hook up with some dear friends that we've been in touch with over the last dozen or so years via Christmas cards and more recently Facebook (Marti is addicted).  It will be good to reconnect.  Other friends wanted us to stop in while we're here, but time is limited, another reason why we look forward to full timing.

I had hoped to put pictures in this post but Blogger and Picasa are on the outs with each other tonight, so I'll have to try again tomorrow.  Until then, "Zippity Do Dah"!  :c)


  1. glad to hear you landed safely..and yes you are so correct to listen to only one person!!..the wife!!..especially when it comes to backing into campsite!!..sorry to hear you couldn't post any pictures..have you checked your storage capacity on Picasa? may need to upgrade!..a five dollar cost!!
    have a great time doing the loops!!

  2. I love the time I am spending with Miss Ella so I can relate to you so very much. Enjoy and I am waiting to hear about your adventures in Disney World.

    Brenda Brown

  3. Marti, love to be a FB friend. My badge is on my blog home page!

  4. Sounds like you might have the spot they gave us a coupe of years ago. I thought for awhile I was not going to make it.

    Have fun!

  5. Glad you made it safely and that you listened to Marti. Good job! :)

  6. You have experienced one of the rules of RV parks - 'Come early, see the show - come late, BE the show.'