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Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Nick of Time

Our plans for our departure almost got derailed today.  We live in a (Grrr - never again!) HOA community and cannot keep the Journey long term at the house.   72 hours is the maximum time.

I intended to pick up the Journey this afternoon after work, bring it to the house and plug it in to cool down the 'fridge.  Our storage facility in in a Regional park and is safe and secure, except for one issue.
The Bull Run River (creek?) runs through the park and if it overflows, it blocks access into and out of the park.  Now, the storage area is plenty high and dry, there is no danger of flooding there.  But if the road floods, you can't get in there.

Starting last night and all day, we had torrential rains here in Northern Virginia.  And, of course, the Bull Run started rising, and fast.

I beat feet over to the Park and used a  narrow back road in to get to the office.  I talked to one of the rangers and he said the road was still passable, but wouldn't be for long.  He had already blocked off the main road, but offered to open it up for me to get out.  I bee-lined to the storage lot and as soon as I arrived, the rain began to fall even harder.  Of course.

Normally, this wouldn't be too much of a big deal, but I had only a few minutes to get the Journey out before the road became impassable.  Remember the tire covers?  Well, they are just as hard to get off as they are to put on.  Nothing more fun than laying on the soaking wet ground, in the rain and struggling to undo the bungee cord fasteners.  I got them off and found one of the grommets in the vinyl cover already had pulled through the material.  At this point, I realized the tire covers are more trouble than they are worth.

At least I was able to get the Journey out in the nick of time and brought it home.  By the time I pulled out of the park, it was totally dark and driving in the pouring rain, in the dark is not too much fun.  Hope to not have to do that again.

So, all is good.  The Journey is at the house, plugged in to electricity to cool down the 'fridge.  Tomorrow after work, I'll fill the water tank, load up our clothes and stuff (hopefully it'll be warm enough for SHORTS), hook up the Element and we'll head off to some overnight destination somewhere down the road.  Zoe the Wonder Dog isn't coming along this trip, we have a house sitter who'll be watching over the house and Zoe.

Amazing how a little water can (almost) short circuit your plans.

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  1. That sounds like an awful experience dealing with the tire covers in the rain, UGH! How did you get to the storage lot? Did you have to hook up the toad in the rain also? May sun and shorts weather be upon us!

  2. we wish you warm weather and a wardrobe filled with t-shirts, shorts and flip-flops!!

  3. Have a great time with Mickey and the gang.

    We have MCD Innovations wheel covers and although a little pricey they are dead simple and quick, quick to put on or off.

    Thanks for the prayers for Ella.

  4. Good deal on getter her out of storage!! As for the wheel covers, you really don't need the bungees, they stay on just fine without them. Except in high very winds, ask me how I Chased one the other day.
    My daughters HOA chases us off once in a while also, but usually takes them a week to figure it out, by then were back on the road.

    Thanks for all the well wishes for Sheryl.

  5. Whew...thank goodness you made it out, eventually you will get quicker with those covers! Enjoy Disney World, and yes we will wave on our way out as you guys are coming in!

  6. I don't bungee the rear wheel covers but I use the bungees on the front ones. The lug nut covers stick out so much that the cover is tight. After yours stretch a bit, you'll be able to just loop the bungee once instead of through both grommets. Stay safe.

  7. Exciting. All turned out well. We can all be thankful that we are in northern Japan now.

  8. I.M. here. Since them tire covers only go over the top of yer tires, maybe ya shoulda just left them on, cause the part they ain't on which is the bottom, is what touches the road. Might make it easier fer ya the next time you is in a hurry.

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