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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Some Fort Wilderness Fun

We arrived at Fort Wilderness on Sunday.  A quick check in at the Outpost without having to leave the Journey,

 and then we went on to the special area set aside for disconnecting toads.  I enjoyed my special helper, Owie.  He loves to do things and keep busy.  He also is a good supervisor to his grandpa.

We set up in our site and plugged in to the 50 amp circuit using my surge protector.  Owie learned how to check to make sure the plug is wired correctly and how to plug in the electrical cord.

Then we hopped in the Element and headed down to pick up our rented golf cart.  Marti waited in the car parking area while Owie and I took care of the paperwork.  After all that was done, we got the keys to the cart.  Owie had to call Mimi (Marti) on the cell phone to tell her we got the golf cart and we would meet her back at the campsite.

As a reward for all Owie's hard work keeping his grandparents in line, we went to the pool.

There are actually three pools, a large on with a special slide,

a small, shallow pool for little tykes,

and a small pool with a little water slide for the little kids.

Unfortunately, some bigger kids dominated the slide until the Life Guards chased them off.

Owie really enjoyed the water slide.

It was nice to have Owie all to ourselves for a couple of days until his Mom, Dad and brother Andrew arrived on Tuesday night.

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  1. You sure had a great helper there! :)

  2. Owie is a good helper! the shot of him on the 'cell phone'!!