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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Marti's Musings: Reality Check

As you have seen and read, we had a wonderful time on vacation - Disney and grandkids - does it get any better than that??  Owen, our 3 year old grandson, came with us to set up - arriving before his family.  That was unplanned, although it had been discussed, the decision was to have him come down later with his family, as his brother had school and wouldn't have the same opportunity.  Yeah, well, that only worked until we drove off and turned the corner.  Major meltdown - Owie wanted to go with his Mimi and Pa.  Mom and Dad agreed, and we were thrilled! So along came our precious Owen, we is often attached at the hip to me.  We had a blast!  Family is number one.  Reality check. 

I returned to a crazy week at work (no real surprise there).  However, on Thursday, one of my key employees (read star employee) collapsed at work.  She is only 49.  I went to see her at the ER, she was pretty out of it, and ended up being medi-vac'd to the local Level 1 Trauma hospital.  Tonight, I visited her at that hospital.  They have found a brain tumor.  No prognosis as of yet but...  Reality check.

My grandson plays a little game with his Mom.  "I love you, Mom"    "I love you more"  "I love Mimi more."

Is there anything more precious or important than being with those that you love?  NOT those that you work with?  Reality check.

Paul and I have been working (admittedly mostly Paul, as I still have a gimpy leg) - towards getting the house ready for sale.  It is tempting to just moan and groan about all that needs to be done, and how little time we have - but after the roller coaster of a week we have had emotionally - how dare we complain.  We have a common goal - hit the road, and spend our time with those that mean the most to us, while we are still healthy and able to travel and follow our dreams.  Reality check.

With that in mind - we are keeping our eyes on the prize of leaving this crazy life we lead.  Enjoying each other and our family, while we tour this beautiful USA.  Life will be good, as long as we keep our Reality Check in the forefront.



  1. Thanks for your reminders about a "Reality Check", we do need to be reminded often.

  2. Great Post Marti. You are going to LOVE leaving the jobs behind. Life just gets sweeter and sweeter. Keep on keepin' your eye on the prize just like your post says. Thanks for echoing what I tell myself every day. How lucky am I!!

  3. Reality is that family and friends are the most important in life. Never go a day without telling them!

  4. Reality Check, you never know what life will bring you and how short and presious it can be. Glad you guys are getting out there, you'll also find you actually see the ones you love more often, it great!!
    Disney looked like a great time, soak in all those memories!!

  5. a great reality check!..amen to that !!..have a great rest of the weekend!!!

  6. I've said it before and I'll say it again - that Owen is an absolutely amazing child. There are not too many 3-year-olds who would be independent enough to leave their parents behind.

  7. your turn is just around the corner... you will get there soon.

  8. You said it WELL!!
    We are not promised TOMORROW!!
    Live in the NOW!!

  9. age...Reality Check...
    Hope she has a speedy recovery.

  10. Age is relative. It's what happens to your health that makes you realize it doesn't take much to have something go wrong. Thanks so much for the reality check. You will love the less stressful atmosphere when you're away from your jobs. Keep plugging along.

  11. Thanks, all, for your comments! It may be interesting to know that we struggled whether we should even put up this post, as I felt it was a 'downer'. But, after the roller coaster of a week we had (including the very highs - at Disney with precious family, and our 1:1 time with Owen) and the very lows (saying goodbye to the precious family members, a tough overall week at work, including a rough meeting with my boss; topped off with my friend's sudden illness)- that post was exactly where I am. Thanks to all for your continued support as we work towards our dream. ~Marti

  12. Marti,
    Thanks for the post. We, too, are getting our house ready to put on the market (we're in Stafford, VA), and will be full-time RVing as well. It gets overwhelming when you look at all that needs to be done to achieve that goal, and how quickly life can throw something your way as a hurdle. Thanks again....Karen