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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Coming Out of the Woodwork

Holy Termites, Batman!  Realtors are coming out of the woodwork faster than insects running from Raid Bug Spray.

The realtors we fired didn't give us any flack, for which we're thankful.  They immediately removed our listing from the MLS and sometime this morning removed their sign from the yard and the key lock, plus they left a card apologizing for being unable to sell our home.  That was a surprise, but we're glad that's behind us.

I've been getting phone calls all morning from realtors that saw our listing removed and want to be given the chance to sell our home.

 So I've now booked three appointments with two more that I'm waiting for conformation emails from.  We're going to ask some tough questions, ala Bill and Nancy Mills style.

We're entering into the slow time of the year for home sales, so we're being optimistic that we'll move forward...finally, and quickly.

Stay tuned, more adventure to come!  :c)


  1. I don't see why one can't have his house listed with 3 or 4 of them instead of just one. They'd work their butts off if that was the case. I thought the "free market" was supposed to promote competition. In real estate it looks like competition to get you signed but not to actually sell your house. Color me cynical.

    I'm almost wondering if you should just put those great pictures in the paper and advertise it as "don't pay a real estate commission buy it from the owner" and sell it yourself. A lawyer has to do all the papers anyway and both parties would save 6%.

    I'm sending good luck to you and the Mills'!!!

  2. It is sort of like rats leaving a sinking ship in reverse:) Pick a good one!

  3. Being the Bird Lady, I'd have to say...or like vultures circling! :)

  4. For the amount of money a realtor makes on a sale, you'd think they would do everything in their power to sell your house! Maybe they are just not hungry enough. Business must not be as bad as they all claim!

    Keeping our fingers crossed for you.

  5. The biggest selling tool you have through a realtor is the MLS. That Multiple Listing Service tool reaches to hundreds of other realtors who hopefully have clients who may be looking for a house similar to what they are selling. Your realtor is probably not the one who will bring the buyer. Your realtor is responsible for representing you in advertising, marketing, keeping you informed and representing you. I'd be more interested in the ones that called you back promptly. They are on the ball. If they send a team member, they are probably too busy to be bothered! Hire a new one in the field and not one that's gotten burned out. They'll work the listing. That's my 2 cents and I'm sticking to it! Good luck!

  6. I hate dealing with realtors almost as much as car salesman. I wish you the very best of luck.

  7. We really hope you find the RIGHT realtor!! We did the leg work to try to get the one that would sell ours. So far, lots of showings but still not one offer. So we will be wishing, VERY HARD, that one of us (that includes Gin and Syl) sells a house soon!!

    We are going to have a great big celebration when we all finally get the houses sold :o))

  8. Good luck with your interviews ... may this be the turning point for a successful sale.

  9. Good luck with your interviews. Maybe this next one will be the one!
    I still think that commission on real estate sales should be graduated..6% to start, then drop a half % every month it doesn't sell.

  10. I like that idea Laurie and George. My fingers are crossed for you. We still get our hopes up at every showing but still no offers.

  11. fingers are crossed for you and Marti!..good luck interviewing!!

  12. I have a realtor friend who told me that her office told her not to worry about selling, just get the listing so you'll get half the commission when it sells. Maybe you could pick the one who got the top salesman award. (Do they have such a thing?)

  13. I'd choose someone with lots of contacts and experience in the area. Don't worry about the time of the year...God has a buyer for your house and when the time is right, all things will fall into place. K

  14. Having just sold our home after 7 months on the market - I can understand what you are saying. How many of these "Johnnie on the spot" brokers showed your home when it was on MLS???? Remember the large majority of the time the listing broker does not sell your home. There are listing brokers and there are selling brokers - you want a selling broker so if one of these "interested folks" showed your home - that would be a good sign.
    Heading to NEXUS in Elkhart Indiana on 10/13 to kick tires for a couple of days - hope to order a 31 foot NEXUS Phantom.
    My best to you for the sale of your home - it's your turn!!!!!
    Remember we have to meet up so I can give you a painting lesson with a palette knife!!! :>)