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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dinosaur Attack!

We thought we'd have a peaceful dinner.  We had driven the motorhome to Disney World and we had to try the new restaurant at Downtown Disney:  T-Rex.

We had reservations for a 5 PM dinner and we were escorted to our table in an ice cave.  On the ceilings, the chandeliers were giant jelly fish.

Surrounding our table were some new friends, watching very closely to make sure we finished everything on our plates.

The portions were huge.  My chicken fried steak covered the whole plate and hung off both sides.  Somewhere there must be a dinosaur missing its side.

Where's my side?

The drinks were served in the most unusual glasses.

Owen had fun coloring dinosaurs while his dinner was cooking.

The food was great, the decorations that surrounded us were fantastic and every 15 minutes we were treated to a meteor shower that made all the dinosaurs move and growl.

T-Rex is a really cool place to eat.  The food and service is great and the prices are normal for a resort area.  We can't wait to go back again.

But you'd best have a reservation at dinner time, or you'll have to answer to him!

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