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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Zoe the Wonder Dog

We have a dog, her name's Zoe (rhymes with Joey).  She's an English Foxhound, sort of a beagle with long legs.  We think she's around 10 years old, but we're not sure because she was a pound rescue.  When we got her, she was skin and bones and was missing some patches of hair.  She was abused and was very skittish at first, but we won her over.  Now we have a hard time finding her bones. :c)

She loves our grandkids, food and riding in the Journey with us.  We take her most of the time when we travel in the RV.  She has ESP, she knows when we're getting ready to go camping.  She guards the front door and waits for her chance to zip out, run across the front lawn and take her place in the RV.

She is truly a wonder, we wonder where she might have snuck off to if we don't make sure the door is shut on the Journey when we're getting set up.  She is usually found walking around checking her "pee-mail".
We wonder if she'll eat her dinner, she's a picky eater.  If there is a thunder storm, we wonder what closet in the house we'll find her hiding in.

We are tonight camping in the Indian Brave Campground in Harmony, PA.  On the way here we thought we'd take a couple of pictures of her riding in the Journey.  We found out another thing to wonder about, we wonder why she's afraid of the camera.  We tried to get some shots of her enjoying the ride, but we were not as successful as we'd hoped.  

She finally got tired of the camera's flash and tucked herself in between the slide wall and the driver's seat.

As soon as we arrived, she couldn't wait to hop out and check her "pee-mail".

I finally caught her doing her best work, laying at the foot of our bed and sleeping.

I wonder how we trained her so well?  ;c)

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  1. That is One Lucky Dog!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  2. Just catching up on your blog...

    To dogs, a camera flash is associated with lightning. Ours got terrified to the point that we couldn't even get out the camera.