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Monday, May 17, 2010

Everything's in Harmony

There is never enough hours in my day.  We left our home in Northern VA around 7 pm after work, but it didn't matter.   We were footloose and fancy free with no time pressure.  A nice dinner at a Cracker Barrel and we were back on the road, clicking off the miles.  The Cat 350 diesel pulled us up some pretty good hills on Route 68 in MD and WV without missing a beat.  Love that engine! 

All was right in the world.  Marti at my side, Zoe the dog snoozing between us and blessing us with an occasional SBD.  Yep, the eyes were tearing up. ;c)

We decided to stop at a Walmart, so Marti broke out the trusty Next Exit book and located one.  The book gives you the exit but doesn't go into too much detail other than it was South of Rt. 68.

So we came to the proverbial fork in the road and  I guessed wrong.  After a few miles, we realized we were going the wrong way so we looked for a place to turn around, it had to be a big place because we were towing the Element. 

We found a large parking lot at a Burger King and pulled in.  A few funny looks from a couple of customers who probably were thinking we were going to the drive through, we made a loop and went back out, retraced our steps and went the other way.

A few miles further and still no Walmart!  We passed a mall and Marti said it was probably in the mall.  Being the experienced traveler that I am, I said that Walmarts are never in a mall.  Marti reminded me that they just put a Walmart in the mall down the road from our home.  Oops!

Turned in the mall entrance and there it was.  Chalk up another one for my brilliant wife and my stupidity...

I pulled way out in the parking lot, shut off the engine and got ready to go inside and ask permission to overnight.  By this time, the heavens had opened up and rain was pouring down.  I grabbed a large umbrella and headed out, smug in my thought of how the large umbrella would keep me dry.  Note to self:  Boat shoes are not terribly waterproof when the rain is so heavy that the parking lot is flooding with a couple inches of water.

Permission was cheerfully granted and I went back to the Journey, actually sloshed back, my boat shoes squish-squishing all the way.  And in keeping with my outstanding luck, the rain stopped just as I arrived back at the Journey.  That's why I stay out of casinos (unless they have a great buffet).

We got a good night's sleep, did a quick shopping trip through Walmart and headed out.  We arrived at our destination a few hours later, the Indian Brave Campground in Harmony, PA.

We were escorted to our site and set up.  While we waited for our SIL, Brian to arrive, we took a nice walk around with Zoe.

Indian  Brave Campground is under new ownership, we met the new owner, Steve, who is a retired contractor and had been camping here for the last 12 years.  He told us about the history of the CG, which originally started as a Fresh Air resort for inner city children.  It has a number of large buildings that were for the lodging, feeding and activities for those kids.  He has restoration projects going on in those buildings.

Also under rehab are other buildings and the huge, 80,000 gallon pool.  Most all the projects will be completed before Memorial Day.

The Fresh Air resort sold out some years back and it became a membership CG with lots being available for 99 year leases.  The leased lots were slowly "sold" back to the CG over the years and now there are only 10 leases still in effect.

 There are nice, level pull through sites with FHUs and cable. 

 Also available are small cabins.

And nice, shady tent sites. 

The CG has a vast majority of the sites with seasonal trailers, but they are well maintained and the tenants take obvious pride in ownership.

The Indian Brave Campground is located close to Route 79 just North West of Pittsburgh, PA. 

                                          Indian Brave CG

We met Brian, spent some time showing him the inner workings of the Journey and then we headed out to the Log Cab Inn, located just down the road  from the CG on Rt 19.  I highly recommend that place if you're visiting the area.  An excellent place for a meal I won't soon forget (or my waistline!).

We left Sunday morning after having a nice bacon and egg breakfast with Brian.  Our Journey is in good hands with him and he has a nice "Man Cave" to enjoy while he undergoes training for his new job. :c)

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