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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I can see clearly now!

Space, the last frontier.  The place that fascinated so many of us as children.  The Mercury program.  The Gemini program.  The Apollo program.  Man on the moon.  The Hubble Telescope, the International Space Station.  Satellites that give us phone service, music and directions.  Directions?  Yes, via GPS units on the windshield or dashboard.

I have found a GPS device to be a real help in our travels.  It may work great in a car, but on my motorhome's dashboard, it causes me grief...because I have a hard time seeing (and hearing) it. :c(

Many GPS units are designed for a car, including my unit, a Mio.

It is a pretty good unit and the price was good.  But there is a problem with it.

The screen and the speaker are just too small.  I usually had to pick it up off the dash and hold it in my hand or have whomever was sitting in the passenger seat hang on to it and repeat the directions to me.

I kept looking  and looking to see if I could find a unit with a larger screen.  I checked out a bunch, but they were maybe a inch wider and for the cost, I didn't think they'd be much better.

I recently was walking through Costco with Marti doing some shopping and came across this unit:

It was reasonably priced, $229, not cheap but this is why I bought it.

To put it in perspective, check this out:

Not only is the screen bigger and easier to see, it is much more advanced and easier to use with just a touch or two on the screen to set up my route.  I'm quite pleased with it and now don't have to get stronger glasses.

I can see clearly now! :c)

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  1. Can't imagine trying to use such a tiny screen, talk about a distraction when trying to drive and focus on that? We use the laptop and Streets & Trips that I manage it while Steveio drives. He don't listen to either of us (me or the laptop!)


    Karen and Steve
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