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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Arm Wrestling Begins

We met with our realtor friends last night.  We had a good visit and a good walk through.  They have been top sellers for years and know all the insides and outsides of real estate.  So we listened carefully to their advice.

Looks like we'll be repainting most of the rooms to a more neutral color.  We didn't know that's best.  Our dining room has some great wallpaper and interesting wainscoting color, one of the reasons we bought the house 12+ years ago, then the family room took our breath away with the pale blue color offsetting the oak fireplace mantle.  It all has to go, back to basic neutral colors. :cO

Then the nic-nacs (read clutter).  Minimize is our new mantra.  I can see us now, I'll put something in the trash and Marti will take it out, Marti will put something in the trash and I'll take it out.  We're determined not to have anything to put in storage other than a few things that our daughter will put in her attic for us.

The good news is we don't have any major repair work to do, it's all cosmetic.  And even better, the number for the sale price that we'd been thinking is reasonable and pretty much on target.  Phew!

Craigslist, Free Cycle, Salvation Army, here we come.  Wait, I really want to keep that DVD, and that book and that...

Maybe we should just hope for a lightning strike to burn the whole place to the ground? ;c)

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  1. Oh don't want the lightning. You can do it! Keep on sorting and letting things go.

  2. I'm so glad you're happy with the sale price. I know that was a big concern for you. As for the stuff -- how on earth do we humans accumulate so much STUFF??? We're still digging away. . .