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Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Birds are Flying and there is no Snow Yet

I like living where there are seasons each year.  You can tell Summer is over, the kids have returned to school, the leaves on the trees are beginning to turn colors and the days are starting to get noticeably cooler and shorter.  As I drive up and down I-95 to work each day, I see another sign.  The birds are flying.

No, not these birds...these birds.

Here are the RV Snowbirds at the Carmel Church, VA Flying J at 5 in the morning.  Yes I go to work that early.  It is fun to see the different rigs overnighting there.

During the day there is a never ending stream of RVs at the Flying J fuel islands.

Some of the Snowbirds bring their RV and everything else with them.  I bet there's a kitchen sink in that trailer somewhere.

A littler further down I-95 is a Walmart.  It does not allow overnight parking.

So the RVs go around the corner and are gladly welcomed to overnight at the Cracker Barrel.

It's the start of the Snowbird exodus.  It's fun to watch them head South for the winter and then in the Spring see them come North again.  One of these days, we'll be heading out too, but we'll keep on going.
Can't wait!

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  1. Even as fulltimers we look forward to the changing of the seasons and new horizons through the windshield.

  2. us either!!..can't wait till it is our turn too!!

  3. oooohh we can hardly wait to become Snowbirds!

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