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Friday, September 3, 2010

Marti's Musings: Baby Steps

We've been blogging about it, talking about it, planning for it... now we have taken some initial 'baby steps' towards retirement!  Woo Hoo! 
We have begun weeding out - linens, clothes, closets.  Baby step.

We have hired a painter to freshen up the interior of the house.  Baby Step.

We have priced out and picked out a new counter top, and potential carpet replacement.  Baby Step.

We have an appointment with our realtor as an initial feeler for when we should put the house on the market, and any suggestions they might have.  Baby Step,

*kerplunk*  Yeah, those 'baby steps' can make you teeter and fall down.  Right about now, I feel bipolar - both elated and scared silly. 

But, we will keep on moving in that direction - and those baby steps will lead us right toward retirement. 

Until that time? 

Baby Steps.

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  1. one step at a time is all you can do..good for you!!!!

  2. Wow, that's great! Put enough baby steps together and you get a giant leap.

  3. It's mormal to be scared silly. It's a big step, but remember, those baby steps are leading to a great new lifestyle.


  4. We're with you on those baby steps Marti. Just keep your eye on the prize. It'll all be worth it!

  5. Good for you!! One baby step leads to many big steps :)