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Monday, September 6, 2010

Folding Bikes

We don't just sit around and veg (usually) when we're out with the Journey.  We like to go bike riding, nothing better than getting the old ticker pumping, feeling the breeze and getting bugs in your teeth.

In our Journey, space is limited.  We could hang bikes off the ladder, but they'd be exposed to the elements and sticky fingers.  So we bought Dahon six speed folding bikes.

They fold up very easily and are well built.  In the eight years we've owned them, I've replaced one tire tube.  And we've ridden them hard, from campgrounds to back roads near Virginia's Skyline Drive to downtown Key West.

There are three latches, one on the frame hinge,

one on the handlebars,

and one on the seat down tube.

One pedal also folds up to make the folded bike a little narrower.

We fold up the bikes and they fit side-by-side in one of our basement compartments, safe from sticky fingers and out of the elements.

They go from folded to open and ready to ride in a minute, and visa-versa.  They are nice cruising bikes, but they are not made for racing or off road.  We've been quite pleased with them and they've held up great.  They're even "Paul Proof".  ;c)

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  1. We thought really hard about getting them when we bought our last set of bikes but...friends of ours had a pair and we tried them out. What a workout, since those wheels are so small, we had to peddle harder then we had ever had to on the bikes we now ride.

    Folding them for space was a big draw, but instead we bought the rack that fits into our hitch, since we no longer tow a vehicle and then a really good cover for them. Works for us.

  2. Hi, Kim and Jerry.
    Yes the wheels are small, but peddling isn't too hard with the 6 gears... and least not yet.. LOL. Thanks for your input! Great to hear all perspectives, ~Marti

  3. Ok Paul... Where did you stowe the "Training Wheels!" :o)

    Glad you two are signed up for the rally!!

  4. nice bikes!!..great way to see the sights around the campground!

  5. Guess what!?! A couple of days ago, we went to Camping World and saw fold up bikes! Guess who took one for a spin in the store?? (I'm whistling innocently!)

  6. Those bikes are very cool!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard