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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sad Trip Home

We had to leave this morning to begin our 500 mile trek home.  We had a great, but way too short visit.  It's nice to see that everything is going well for Heather, Brian and the boys.

It was hard to leave, but the visit just re-enforced our plans to retire and full time.  Then our visits can be much longer.

We zipped down the road on the way out to make sure we could find the close by campground in case on a future visit in the Journey, we arrive after dark.

So, Marti propped her foot with the broken toe on the dash and away we went, homeward bound.

And for all you ladies that were enthralled with Marti's flip-flops, here's a picture for you to enjoy.

Tomorrow night we meet with the Realtors, so stay tuned.

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  1. sad to leave those wonderful grandkids..but you will be back!..hope your toe feels better soon!!!

  2. Haha..the flip will never understand the allure of LOTS of flip flops ;)