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Monday, September 27, 2010

Overnight Trip

We snuck off this Saturday for a quick overnight.  When you're not a fulltimer, you have to take whatever you can get.  We wandered off with no agenda, direction or time frame in mind, just getting out in the Journey made it feel like a vacation, as long as we were back Sunday night. :c(

The results?  We drove 300 miles in our wandering, spent too much on a campsite at a KOA (surprise) and ended up at the RV Candy Store on Sunday.

I wandered around and looked at all the upgrades we're going to do to our Journey to get it ready for our full time travels.  So many goodies, where to start?

An Extend-A-Stay propane hose connection for those times we stay for a while at our kids houses and don't have to move to fill the propane tank.  We'll use an external tank propane tank that can easily be refilled instead of moving the Journey.

Checked out the toad braking systems. Which to use?  Hmm.  Have to check the reviews on line and see what others have to say.  These are too expensive to buy the wrong one.

I want to install a surge protector in the electrical bay like Gin and Syl of  Wandering Sylville did to their Winnebago Brave.  I have a portable unit, but want the inside mount so I don't have to worry about it "walking off".

The queen bed in the Journey's bedroom lifts up, but there are no struts attached.  I guess Winnebago didn't want people storing things there because the bedroom slide mechanism is under there too.  I'll cover the mechanism with some plywood and use the space for storage.  I picked out some struts to install.

We plan to do as much boondocking as we can and a Wave 8 Heater which uses no electricity to heat the Journey, is on the list.  It will help us keep the battery charge up for other things, like my laptop to make blog posts. ;c)

We left Camping World without buying any of those items.  We have to juggle the budget between getting the Journey upgraded and getting the house ready to sell.  Right now, the house is the priority for new paint, tiles, rugs and kitchen counters.  So we headed down the road to a nearby Flying J and topped off the Journey's fuel tank.

As we pulled out of the Flying J, Zoe took up her favorite place to ride, between the slide wall and my driver's seat...

...where she periodically blessed us with eye tearing blasts of her "air freshener" all the way home.

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  1. Smudge is enjoying some new canned food and blessing us with "air freshener" too. Those are all good ideas for upgrades to the rig.


  2. I have had nothing but trouble with the catalytic heaters. Look for a Blue Flame or a "brick" propane heater. They also use no electricity but work soooooo much better!