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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Marti's Musings: ohhh, how time changes things

So, you have now seen regular pictures of me on my cell phone, with work related calls.  I vividly remember, some 15 years ago - back when I had a life, er, before I worked full time outside of the home - saying: "I will never have a phone in my car - I am so glad I can get away from the phone when I leave the house.."

Uh-huh - Now??  Not only do I travel with my cell phone (not-so-fondly referred to as my 5th appendage) - that daggone phone is next to my bed each and every night.  And yes, I often get those middle-of-the-night calls. And... we have been known to pull chocks from a campground, because I don't have cell service - and being on-call 24/7...

So, just one more motivating factor to retirement.  Cell phones are a wonderful and useful invention - I just can't wait to have family and friends be the only ones to be calling me.... or to be the one to make a call ot a loved one, or google something fun, or....or....or....  y'know....  anything but w-o-r-k. 

So, even though I have my phone with me all.the.time - our precious weekends when we can slip away for a brief time are truly RSanity times.  It is amazing to us that time seems to double when we get away - even for overnight, or weekend... 

By the way, not sure we have thanked our faithful followers before this.  It is gratifying to know that folks are following, and enjoying, our journey to retirement.  We sure appreciate you folks!  :-D  ~Marti


  1. Like you I spent my life with a phone on my ear, now I am retired, do I miss it? Not a bit, when the phone rings it almost surprises me.

  2. you do what you have to do, girl!! day it will only be grandkids calling!!

  3. Have ya thought about changing the number when you retire? It's tempting to be sure you don't get any more w@rk related calls, but it would be a hassle to make sure friends and family have the new number. btw, we enjoy your journal and look forward to crossing paths.


  4. Heh heh sometimes it's kinda nice to be camping out of cell phone range! And sometimes we have used this as an excuse, as to not having to talk to certain people---"Oh gee, we were camping out of cell range" (even if we weren't)

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  5. Now that I'm retired, I very often forget to take my cell phone with me. At times, I have it with me but forget to turn it on. Last month, I used my cell phone for a total of 14 minutes. Seems there are more adventurous things to do. Bill