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Friday, September 24, 2010

Too Much Like Work

We've jumped in and are starting to pare down the things in the house.  Today I took a day of leave and my son, Corey came down from NJ to help me move some of the larger pieces of junk that I can't move by myself.  I used to think rabbits bred fast, but I now know that junk breeds even faster.  To make matters worse, we still have boxes in the basement from our last move over 12 years ago that we've never even opened.  I think I'll just chuck them without looking in them

Corey and I loaded up my good old Jeep pickup and took four or five loads to the dump/recycling center.  We lost track.

I have a freezer in the garage that died about six months ago.  Of course it was full at the time.  I cleaned it out and left it with a rag holding the door ajar until I had Corey's help loading it on the truck to take to the dump.

I opened it and found it was on and had iced over because the door was ajar.  We dragged it out to the driveway to let all the ice melt out and we'll have to see if it works okay.  I'm really puzzled over that.

Please don't dime me out to Al Gore over my contribution to Global Warming by running my freezer for all those months with the door ajar. ;c)

In the meantime, we've finished painting out the kitchen in neutral colors and it looks pretty good.  Now we see these mysterious spots developing on the family room walls.

The kitchen table is buried under things that were on the walls.  What do you do with it all?

I'm thinking it will fit nicely in the back of the pickup...

We're making it happen.  One room freshly painted, nine more to go!

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  1. Yep, remember those good ole days...not! We are so glad that we went through all that junk and no longer feel the need to gather more!

    You guys are truly on your way to such an enlightening time in your lives...cherish these moments.

  2. You're right. That sounds a lot like work to me, but don't you feel better knowing that you are one step (or more) closer to The Dream? It'll happen.


  3. happy painting to you !!..good job so far!

  4. So what are the spots? That looks scary!