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Saturday, September 11, 2010

We had a Bad Break and Had to Call a Toe Truck

We had a good night's sleep and woke up to a beautiful Saturday morning.  We made plans for the day over breakfast of some of Heather's delicious home made blueberry muffins.  The guys were going to the pool and the Marti and Heather were going to go where else?  Shopping, of course.  Then the bad break happened.

Marti was walking barefoot in the living room and caught her left pinkie toe on the ottoman and SNAP!  She let out a yell and started hopping around on her other foot, then had to sit down.  Her toe was pointing in the wrong direction.

So, instead of a shopping trip or a visit to the pool, Marti, Heather and I loaded up in the car and headed to the local Urgent Care Clinic.   The only urgent thing that happened was how urgently they collected our medical insurance information.  Then we sat for a total of over three hours in a nearly empty clinic and waited for a doctor.  He finally came in and looked at the toe for all of a minute and sent Marti for an x ray.  After that, we sat and sat and sat until he came back and said that her toe was broken and all that could be done was to tape it to the next toe and keep it elevated.  He gave a prescription for some pain meds and that was it.

Much to Marti's chagrin, the shopping trip to the mall was cancelled.

So much for most of Saturday.  At least Brian and the boys went to the pool in our absence.  So Marti is confined to the couch, with her taped toe elevated and...what else?  Playing Nintendo Wii with Andrew and Owie.

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  1. Marti:
    So sorry to see your toe broken! On the other hand, I love those flip-flops! :P

  2. Laurie & George said it best...goes double for us!

  3. Who put that ottoman there? Didn't they know better? Keep your foot up. Stay out of those uncomfortable closed-toe shoes for a while. Ice cream will help too. :)


  4. nice flipflops..not so nice toe!!..sorry to hear about your unfortunate altercation with the ottoman.but think of the money you saved by not going shopping??

  5. Hey, all - thanks for the condolences on the broken toe - and yes! aren't those great flip flops? I NEVER buy flip flops, as my tender-between-toes don't like them.. but these? wow, it is cloth between my toes, so it is comfortable - (even for the foot with no broken toes). My daughter happens to be a flip-flop expert (shall we say she has a fettish for flip flops?) and as soon as we walked into the shoe store, she saw them and put them on my feet... By the way, they are "yellow box" brand, and yes = they came in a yellow box! ~Marti

  6. Oochee Ouchee Auchee Itchee Eetchee!

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