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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labor Day Lull

After a much anticipated and fortunately under-delivering Hurricane Earl passed up the coast, we got our Labor Day Weekend started.  We had made a reservation at Bull Run Regional Park campground weeks ago and we looked forward to getting away.

I picked up the Journey from the dealer, with the shiny new paint and drove it over and set it up.  But we didn't stay there Friday night, we stayed home.  Why?

Well, our son Corey and daughter-in-law Amanda were coming down from NJ and were attending a wedding over the weekend, so we stayed home for the night and visited with them.  We rarely get a chance to see them so it was a nice visit.  We went out for breakfast and then we parted, going our separate ways. :c(

We had some errands to run, needing some groceries, we went to the local Walmart.  Near the Walmart, there is a jewelry store and Marti needed to have one of her favorite rings repaired and her engagement and wedding band re-sized.  Because it would take 7-10 business days for the repairs, I got her this little anniversary ring to wear.  After all, she deserves something nice after having to put up with me all these years...

We were running late to get back to the campground and figured it was too late to cook (read: too lazy), so we decided to try a little roadside BBQ place that we've passed by many times.  We picked up pulled pork and beef brisket sandwiches for dinner.  They were quite good.  Until later, when we both had some pretty serious heartburn.  Pass the Rolaids.

Sitting in our chairs, we enjoyed the evening.

The trees at our site are so thick, there was no chance of getting a satellite signal, even with our portable dish.

So we kicked back and enjoyed the portable fireplace we have.

Tough life, we are practicing very hard to get used to this. ;c)

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  1. what a nice husband you are!!..looks like a perfect weekend in your 'neck of the woods'

  2. I really love the last picture. It just says it all!