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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Around The Quartzsite BLM

For our friends and family back East that have never been to Quartzsite, Arizona, we thought we'd show a snapshot of what it's like to camp in the wilds of the desert.

A family portrait, the R Sanity Team, the Journey, the Element toad and the "Tadpoles", our two Honda scooters (they fit in the Element, get it?).

We stayed at the Long Term Visitor Area (LTVA) La Posa South area, just a mile or two south of the main Quartzsite RV show.  The first thing you see is the Check In Station, where you purchase your dry camping pass.

La Posa South has the only dump/water station in the whole area.  

Sometimes, the lines of RVers waiting to dump can be quite long.  It is helpful to arrive with empty waste tanks and a full fresh water tank.

The desert floor is hard packed and you can drive the heaviest RV on it with no problem.  There is lots of room.  Some RVers come to Quartzsite to meet with other RVers in groups or clubs.  Here is a gathering of Blue Bird RVs.

Other RVers choose to go off by themselves and enjoy solitude.

Some RVers bring toys, like ATVs to ride around the vast desert areas.

We enjoy riding the Tadpoles (Honda Scooters).  Marti loves riding hers and really tears up the dirt roads and ten miles per hour.

While we were riding, Marti's phone rang.  Unlike the old days before she retired, this phone call was a wonderful chat with our daughter, Heather, who was checking up on her parents to make sure they weren't lost in the desert! 

We had a "Meet-n-Great" of fellow bloggers listed on the great "" website.

Here is Barbara and Diana, both long time fulltimers and terrific bloggers.

Of course a get together has to have the some good munchies to go along with it.

Riding around the BLM lands, you see all kinds of RVs, from fancy ones,

to small, older trailers.

There is something for everyone at  Quartzsite in January, from shopping at the RV show,

to enjoying the quiet solitude and beauty of the desert.

Our favorite was to sit around the campfire at night and enjoy the company of our RV friends.  Much great conversation, stories and a few whoppers of lies (who me?) were told there.  ;c)

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  1. Looks like you enjoyed your time in the "Q". It is a place like no other.

  2. The little town of "Q" is quite the place to be in January. You just about summed it up but I bet your folks back home still have no idea how unique this place is.

    With all the pictures posted, I'm guessing you know have good internet service.

  3. Awesome post... and great tour of what Quartzsite is like.

  4. Thanks so much for the get-together. I have wanted to meet you guys for a long time now. A wonderful picture of me and my sister. I'll have to send the link to my father.

  5. nice to see some pictures of Quartzsite!!..I am assuming you have now won the war with your internet server?

  6. OK - we're convinced we have to visit Q at least once during our FT life on the road.

  7. It is helpful to arrive with empty waste tanks and a full fresh water tank.

    It would be stupid not to!

    I don't see Quartzsite as being our kind of place, so thanks for the pics.

  8. Thanks for the tour. I was glad to see everybody isn't jammed in together.

  9. Really appreciate the "story of Q" since at the rate I'm loving Florida for winter time I may never make it to any of the other retreats.

  10. Great post. And I'm so glad you got to meet Diana. Did she tell you she won a dance contest here in AJ? When you're in the Phoenix area, would sure love to get together if you have time. Sure wish the wind would stop.

  11. Having never been there, thanks for the insight. Looks like we'll have to drop by for a week sometime.

  12. Thank you for the "tour" of the Quartzsite RVing area. Hopefully, we'll be able to see it in person in the not too far distant future.

  13. Those scooters look like a lot of fun. It's nice to see Marti so happy and relaxed.

  14. Nice Quartzsite summary. Thanks again for having us over. If I had known you were going to have all that yummy food, I wouldn't have gorged myself on ice cream.