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Monday, January 2, 2012

We're Loving The Pacific Time Zone

We're drawing closer to our departure from Astoria for points South, but that hasn't slowed down our fun with the granddaughters.  As I mentioned before, Taylor turned six the day after Christmas, but a couple of days later, we had another party for her and some friends at that iconic palace for birthday parties, Chuck E Cheese's.

Lots of games to play, even Daddy Ryan got in on some of the fun.

Not only did we have a cake for Taylor,

she also got to go into a special booth that was loaded with prize tickets, all blown around by air.  She grabbed a bunch of them.

On New Years Eve day, DIL Amber started smoking two pork shoulders on her wood, slow cooker.  She started cooking them at 1 am, and every half hour or so tended the fire, put more mesquite chips on the fire and rotated the meat.

When the pork shoulders were done around supper time, she shredded one of them.

Using the shredded pork, she put them over nacho chips with spicy cheese sauce and topped them with barbecue sauce.  Another one of her delicious dishes, BBQ Pork Nachos.  We stuffed ourselves with them, they were so good.

We tuned in to the Times Square New Years Eve celebrations, bringing out the bubbly stuff,

as well as the party hats and noise poppers.

We watched the Times Square Ball drop and welcomed in 2012 at midnight, Eastern Time, or 9 pm Pacific Time.  We put the girls to bed and we followed them shortly after.  After all the fun we've been having, the bed is a big attraction.  Sleeping in the New Year, we're loving the Pacific Time Zone!  :c)

Tomorrow, we're pulling chocks and heading down the road a just couple miles to the Camp Rilea Military Reservation where they have a small campground.  We need to dump the tanks and get more propane so we decided we might as well set up there for a couple of days while we wait for our mail.  We'll spend a little more time with Ryan, Amber and the girls before we head out, we will just drive over to their house in the car to visit.

Happy New Year to all our blog friends, followers and readers.  May 2012 bring you much happiness and good fortune!

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  1. Have a wonderful 2012, and we'll look forward to following your adventures on the blog.

  2. have a great last day with your son, daughter in law and the 'girls'!!..we wish you both a very Happy New Year!..good health, happiness, safe travels and a new set of friends at every stop along the way!!!

  3. Happy New Year to you!!

    Safe Travels and Happy Trails...

  4. Looking forward to your impressions of the various military campgrounds as we hope to use them as well.

  5. I'll bet you're really going to miss Ambers good cooking!

  6. Now that's an interesting dish.

    What an interesting new year it will be for both of you. :)

  7. Happy New Year to you. Enjoy your last few days of family fun.

  8. Sounds like a perfect night... those pork nachos looked really yummy!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  9. Happy New Year to you both! The Pork Shoulders looked awesome. Safe travels in the new year.

  10. Those pork nachos looked amazing! Amber must have been quite pooped by the time she served those after starting at 1 AM!

    A very happy new year to all of you!

  11. Looks like a great birthday party. I'm sorry you have to have your birthday in December Taylor but HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANYWAY!!

    I am just blown away by your daughters in law. Up at 1am to make smoked pork and tending it every half hour. WOW!! Sure wish I could have been one of the tasters.

    I'm in total agreement about Pacific time or even Mountain. I might have made it to the ball drop if I'd been there.

  12. what great looking pork..and happy birthday to guys are having a blast !!! And rightly so...enjoy

  13. Wow, lots of partying going on there :)
    Smoked pork...yum! So dedicated too!

  14. So glad you're having such a great time. Enjoy your last few days before heading south.

  15. That's true dedication - to spend that much time making pork. I bet it was delicious. I bet 2012 is going to be an exciting time for you as full-timers. I'll be following along on your adventures.

  16. Now how in the world did I miss this post? Only when you referred to hickory or mesquite did I figure I did. Well, I like them both!

  17. Mmmmm, those porky nachos look delicious!