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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Space Invaders?

Today being our last day in the San Diego area, we went on an exploration trip to the Navy Base on Coronado Island.  Once again, the sun was shining and the air was warm and inviting.  I guess the song is true, it never rains in Southern California (we're NOT complaining!).

The Navy Base is home to a bunch of helicopter squadrons, it was neat to see them buzzing around in their pale grey Seahawk choppers (the Navy's version of the Army's Blackhawk). 

On the base, there is a private beach.  When we walked out on the sand, we couldn't believe how crowded it was.

We decided to come back another time when there are not so many people about.

Near the base is a FamCamp called Fiddler's Cove RV Park.  It is right on the water, there are 40+ sites.  No hookups, dry camping only, but at $12/night and with water and a dump station on site, what's not to like?  This time of year, you can only stay 45 consecutive nights before you must leave for two weeks.  In the summer time, it is reduced to 30 consecutive nights.  (A caveat, it is limited to active duty, reserve and retired military folks).

If we had the time, we'd come here and stay at least a week, San Diego has some many things to see and do it will be a priority stop the next time we come out this way.

Late in the afternoon, we returned to the campground and found most all the sites that were empty spaces when we headed out this morning were invaded with strange, silver capsule like things.  Were they from outer space?  No, upon closer inspection we determined they were part of a large Airstream Rally. 

Funny, because as we drove by and headed up to the Journey, the lone motorhome in the campground, the Airstream people looked at us like we were from another planet.  ;c)

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  1. Looks like you had a beautiful day for a walk on that "crowded" beach ... I can appreciate why you'd want to come back when there are fewer people :-))

  2. Being a minority is all relative to your surroundings.

  3. I hope you had time to see Coronado. The sea lions were a treat.
    Please travel safely!

  4. An empty beach??? amazing sometimes folks don't realize what they have till it's gone.

    Safe Travels to "Q"

  5. We stayed at Fiddler's Cove and loved, loved, loved it! I guess you can figure by that it was a great place to stay.

  6. we loved Coronado - stayed in the Del Mar hotel for a few nites as non-RV-ers. Nice area - can become noisy at night with the huge transport type aircraft coming within feet of the roofs of the hotel - our room use to SHAKE!!

    Nice downtown area and great restaurants.

  7. I love beaches that crowded. I could go day after day :)

  8. Curious if the storm moving southward has found you yet. Nice seeing another MFC to add to the list with a personal recommendation. By the way, also wanted to mention that I loved your family photo in the last post. So great to have the chance to visit family when you are retired and living on the road. One of the benefits, for sure.

  9. So I can't come to that great looking campground even if I know Paul Dahl??