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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Apologies

Once more I have to say sorry there are no pictures tonight.  I took a bunch of Quartzsite's La Posa South Long Term Visitor Area (LTVA) to show what the Quartzsite camping experience looks like.

Unfortunately, I have barely one and a half bars of connectivity on the aircard tonight, so those pictures will have to wait.

Last night a group of us went out to another of Quartzsite's "fine dining" establishments, the Grubstake.   Some of our group had dined here before and highly recommended the fish fry.  Since Marti is allergic to fish and I rarely have it, I took the advice and ordered it.  Mistake, big mistake.

I was up most of the night paying the piper for consuming that fish.  Talking to some members of the group this morning, several others became ill last night from their meals, and they didn't have fish.

The handwriting on the wall is we're never going to darken the doors of that place again.

Marti and I did get a nice ride in on the scooters today.  Even though they are not off road bikes, they do well on the desert roads, even if there are lots (lots) of small rocks.  Taking it slow and easy made for a nice ride around enjoying the cactus and the beautiful mountain scenery.

Tomorrow we're hosting a small get together with some blogging friends for an afternoon snack session at our campsite.  One thing that is common all around here, half the fun is sharing the love of the outdoors and the RV lifestyle with the people here.  The other half is shopping at the RV show.

It's a great place to visit at least once (this is our second time, the first was January 2006) and we're having a ball.  Put it on your bucket list if you have not been here yet.  Just don't come in August. ;c)

Thanks for visiting and feel free to leave a comment.


  1. It is fun and it is definitely an experience. I can guarantee we will never plan a trip here in August.

    I've certainly enjoyed the time I've spent with both of you. You're great people and after this little "Q" event is over, I certainly hope we'll have an opportunity to meet again someplace and somewhere on the road.

  2. P.S. Forgot to add ... we'll never go to Grubstake again. We didn't like it last time and didn't like it this time either.

  3. Thanks for the info. We are goimg Saturday for the day and were going to check it out. The prices had me a little baffled, but now I think that I will stay clear. Thanks for sharing your opinion. Hope to meet uo sometime. Take care Allen & Lolita DuGuay.

  4. sorry to hear that the fish didn't agree with you?..hope you feel better today!

  5. Lesson Learned, Fish dinners and the desert southwest, never a good combo. We learned that the hard way

  6. If Diane makes it to your get together tell her the Skies was packed last night. And I do mean packed. She introduced us to this bar in AJ and we love it. Sorry you guys all got sick. That is not fun. Sweet Darlenes and Grubstake are no-nos.

  7. I am now real glad that we ate in both times in Q:)

  8. Ooooo -- hope you're feeling better. Other than that unfortunate incident, it sounds like you guys are having a blast!

  9. Hey, I like Sweet Darlenes! But you're right about the Grubstake. We went last Friday and one of our party was sick later and I didn't feel too hot either. I blamed it on the grease.