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Monday, January 23, 2012

Fighting For Bandwidth

With all the RVs (no kidding, thousands are here in Quartzsite and the adjacent BLM lands),

 it's getting harder and harder to get online.  Everybody is trying to get on line.  That makes it really tough to find a little bandwidth to make a post, let alone stick on a picture.

So with apologies if we turn up "missing in action" here and there, a day or two, now you'll know why.  Of course tonight, I got a strong signal with my aircard, so it made a liar out of me.  :cO

Today we went to the Big Tent with a major mission.

Our Roadmaster tow bar was showing its age and had some wear and tear that needed attention.  Roadmaster, as well as other tow bar manufacturers like Blue Ox have service areas where they will repair, rebuild or overhaul your tow bar for minimal costs.

Our tow bar needed an upgraded swivel joint, which cost $125, as well as repair on its sticky release mechanisms.  A new tow bar would have cost over $800, so the chance to get it upgraded was well worth it.

A couple of hours later, the tow bar was finished and looked brand new.  We gave the tech a good tip for all his hard work.  We're pleased.

Next was a walk through the tent and then around the outside, looking at all the vendors selling everything from RV supplies to foot massages (we passed on that).  We were looking for an upgraded braking system for our tow car that is permanently installed and we found what we were looking for with the Air Force One system.  We're going to book an install tomorrow.

LED light bulbs are next on our agenda and we're going to replace some reading light bulbs with them.  The reading light bulbs not only are amp hogs, they get really hot.  We've burned our fingers on them a couple of times just trying to turn off the light and touching the bulb while reaching for the switch.  There are a half dozen bulb vendors, so we'll shop around inside the tent for the best price.

We're enjoying the chance to shop when we want and chill out afterwards.  The Escapees group we're with at La Posa South have been a blast to hang with and we're learning lots of tips and ideas from them about the fulltime lifestyle.  We may have been RVing for years, but we're rookies or newbies at this life, so that must make us "newkies" or maybe "rookbies".  ;c)

Whatever we are, we're sure loving the lifestyle.

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  2. Wait, where's the post???

    Oh I GET IT!!!
    Fighting for bandwidth, can't post more than the title!

  3. I'm guessing you fought for the bandwidth and you weren't the winner.

  4. We passed on Quartzside this year, but will surely go down sometime in the next few winters. We had our fill of large groups and informercial sales at the FMCA Rally.

    Maybe by the time we are ready for Quartzside we will have a handle on things we need vs. all the "stuff" for sale! Sounds like you knew what you were after with the tow bar repair and the Air Force One. I've heard good things about both.

  5. Enjoying your post about "Q"!! We all learn so much from those that have done this before.

    Hope you get a chance to post some photos of your camping area.

  6. I guess waiting until this morning to read your post was a good thing..I see it all :) Quartzsite must be a once in a lifetime thing. Looks way too crowded for me ;)

  7. May you find yourselves on the winning side of the internet battle more often than not.

  8. checked your blog last night and saw only the title...checked it again this morning and see it all so assuming you finally found bandwidth..:) yeahhh

  9. sounds like the shopping was a success!!!..and so was the internet access!!

  10. Just a little FYI...our Verizon MiFi has worked great our entire time here, not sure what you are using but keep it in mind.

    Have fun with the gang and hope to meet up with you two soon.

  11. We did the big tent yesterday too and were looking at braking systems. Surprised we didn't see you.

  12. Looking forward to hearing about your new braking system. I REALLY hate having to hook/unhook the brake every time we stop somewhere. We need LEDs too. I learned about how hot those lights get when I stored some chocolate in the cabinet over one of the lights. Thank goodness it was in a plastic bag!!

  13. I'm also anxious to hear about the LED lights. Another RV'er mentioned them and he ordered his from overseas, it would be good to know how much you pay. The RV lights really do get hot.

    Have fun, if they don't have what you want there, it's not available. We hear that a lot.