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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Big Thank You... the dumb realtor that called us at 5 am this morning.  Of course it was 8 am in Virginia where he was calling from.  He wanted to know if our house was still for sale because he saw it had been removed from the MLS listing in November.  November was when we sold our house.  I told him it was gone, maybe he picked up from the tone in my voice I wasn't too pleased with his call.

Now Marti and I are both wide awake.  Early morning phone calls make you think something bad has happened.  When our heartbeats returned to normal, Marti suggested maybe we should head out early.  I said it was a good idea, what day did she want to do it?

We did get an early start, we just waited until the sun came up so I could see and be able to navigate out of our little campground safely.  Too bad it was so cold, we would have loved to stay in the area longer, the temps were about 22 degrees this morning when we left.  Sun and warmth is beckoning us.

We came down out of the beautiful mountains of Northern California and headed towards the Sacramento Valley, passing olive groves and rice fields.  It was sunny and calm, no wind at all.  Because of the strict speed limits we tooled along at 55 mph and saw some of the highest mpg's we've ever gotten: 8.8!

If only we could get that kind of mileage all the time.

We pushed our day a little bit further than we've been doing lately, we covered 285 miles, but we wanted to get to a military campground in San Joaquin, CA, where we are going to chill for at least two days.  Nothing fancy, but at $15/night for FHU's and 50 amp service, we're not going to complain.

We figure we have about two driving days left to get to my cousin's house near San Diego, so we're going to try and make it there in about four (or five).  No need to rush anymore. :c)

And if you didn't hear the fantastic news, Nancy and Bill sold their house.  Now they'll be out here with us soon, too!

Sorry there's no pictures, we're having slow Internet connections here.

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  1. I agree about early morning phone calls. They scare me! The weather down here in San Diego is wonderful warm sunny days and cool nights. 8.8?? Ouch! That must hurt. We average about 10 - 10.5 in our Seneca. That is bad enough. happy travels and C'Mon Down to San Diego!

    Mike and Dee White

  2. Where was that realtor when you needed to sell the house;o((

    Thanks for the congrats...we are so excited and hope our paths cross down the road!!

  3. Now that you're in full time mode, you can slow down a bit and get better mileage all the time. I think it works that way for the humans also. :-)

  4. When we sold our home we had a notation of No Calls before 10 am and nothing past 9 pm. Kathy would have been thinking Emergency as well. Iwould have had a few more unkind words for him.

    It's about time.

  5. I'm guessing it was easier to call than to check the "sold" listings.

    We know exactly where you're staying. Been there, done that. The Ghirardelli outlet is just around the corner. It's fun to go to but we didn't buy a thing.

  6. nothing like being the tail end of the 'sale' notice...ughhh a 5am call is pretty scary you instantly think something is wrong with the family..that realtor needs to put up some time zone clocks in his safe

  7. Although it was an early morning call, I bet it felt very good to tell him it had SOLD!

  8. Glad you guys are enjoying the CA coast, of course it's on our to do list also. Have fun in San Diego. If you get a chance hit Croces Jazz club in the Gas Lamp Quarter. Go music and good food, opens by Jim Croces widow.

  9. I've had that problem with friends who weren't keeping up and had no idea where I was and called at 8:30am. Doubt he would have called if he had known you were in California. He just thought you were hanging around Virginia like he is. :-)

    8.8 in your rig towing sounds GREAT to me!!

  10. Glad to see that you have adapted to the full time travel schedule:)

  11. My heart pounds when I get a middle of the night phone call. ARRGGHHH

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  12. Ron was wondering how cold it was up there in Weed. Welcome to the warm. Around 70 in Quartzsite, the 60s here in Mesa. I'm going through packing the RV for two weeks. Aren't you glad you don't have to do that anymore?