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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Getting Used To Short Travel Days

It was really hard leaving the friends we made in Quartzsite.  It had been a wonderful time putting voices to the faces of people we had gotten to "know" from their blogs.  The evening campfires were especially fun.

Exchanging hugs, smiles, a few tears and promises of "We'll see you down the road", we pulled out of La Posa South, heading East on highway I-10. We could have stayed longer, but the call of a couple of days at a campground with full hook ups, a chance to take longer showers and being able to wash a week's worth of Quartzsite dust from our clothes a was an irresistible draw.  Not to mention that we needed to let our wallets time to cool off.  Yes, Marti did find some nice shiny, space saving items to adorn herself with. ;c)

I was very concerned on how the newly installed Air Force One toad breaking system was going to work.
Having heard horror stories of burned out brakes on tow cars with other systems, I stopped a couple of times to check if everything was correctly in place, and did two hard braking tests to satisfy all was in order.  Everything seemed to be working right, except the LED lights that are attached to the backside of the Element's review mirror.  They are supposed to light up every time the Element's brakes are engaged and you view them in the Journey's rear camera.

They do work properly, unfortunately, I can't make them out in the rear camera's screen.  I may have to put a different kind of bulb set up there to make them visible.   I'll do a post on the system after I put a few miles on it, so far it appears to be working seamlessly. :c)

It was a beautiful day for traveling, a sunny sky and a nice, light tailwind!  We lucked out and saw the Journey's fuel mileage up in the mid to high 8 mpg range.  Unfortunately, we only drove 37 miles to the Saddleback Mountain RV Park.  Why is it on long travel days you get headwinds?

The park is really beautiful, nicely laid and and well maintained.  We used out Escapees membership to get a discount on a site for two nights, even though the park is a participant in Passport America, that half off discount is not offered this time of year.  No worries, the price we paid is still in our budget range.

 We spent a lazy Sunday enjoying our full time life.  A nice church service, right at the campground, a couple of loads of laundry done and laying around in the warm Arizona sun, what's not to love?  Even a gorgeous sunset to end the day.  We feel like we're the luckiest people on earth!

We reached a major milestone yesterday, too.  We are now listed on Hitchitch, the premier RV travel blog website!  If you've never been there, give them a visit.

 I'm still having problems with my laptop, but I've got a temporary work-around so I can keep our posts coming.  When we're in a place for several days in the near future, it's going in to a repair shop for a tune-up.

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  1. You two certainly know how to enjoy your new found freedom!!

  2. way to go and good job..your definitely getting the hang of this retirement thing :) have a super week

  3. you are indeed very fortunate!!!..nice new spot to park and relax!

  4. Alright-37 miles- you are getting the hang of this full time thing:)

  5. Isn't that a nice big park, lots of space??
    Stayed there on the way west from Florida last year. My spot had the electric way in the back tho & had to unhitch the tow and put it in front to make things work.

  6. Congrats on finally getting on Hitch Itch. Don't know why you had so much trouble, but glad it's taken care of.

  7. I love the new park, that's our kind of place. Congrats on getting on hitch Itch. That's a good feeling. It makes it worth doing the blog daily.

  8. Aren't those long showers wonderful after boondocking for a week? Love it. And I am really glad to see you slowing down even though I know you're just preparing for the rush back to the east coast for the new grandbaby.

  9. Looking forward to some short travel days, too ... and I don't mean just getting to Bull Run :-)))

  10. Now that's what I call full-timing. 37 miles, a couple more days..nice!

  11. The law of averages seems to work out that there is always a head wind on a long drive! Enjoy your rest stop.

  12. Think I beat you for the record low miles from campground to campground. Mine is 30. Wanna race??

    We could crawl around the country together and see who can go the slowest! :-))