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Sunday, January 8, 2012

No Guilt Sunday

Taking comments from yesterday's post to heart, we were determined to enjoy ourselves and let the chips fall where they may, and not feel guilty about what we did or did not do with our day.

We've been enjoying our stay here at an RV park located in Sutherlin, OR and it has a very special feature:

A giant, outdoor movie screen, where they show movies each week.  The campground was built on an old drive-in movie theater, they decided to keep the screen and use it.

The campground?

The campground is very nice and the Passport America discount makes it even more special.  We would stay here again, even though they don't have a hot tub.

We found a nice little church in town where we attended the Sunday morning service, then we hopped on I-5 and headed South to the Seven Feathers Casino...can you say buffet?

At the entrance there is this really neat, giant sculpture.

The buffet was reasonably priced at $8.99 each, but even though the food was very good, it was really limited in variety.  Actually is was very limited in variety, it resembled a school cafeteria.  The good news is we didn't over eat.  No guilt here.  :c)

Big spending gamblers that we are, we pooled all our quarters together to hit the slot machines.  Between the two of us, we came up with four quarters.  We went to seek out a one armed bandit and found out they have amputated the arms from slot machines.

Looking further, we found slot machines that take only pennies.  Now that is a kind of machine we wanted to play.  Marti dug around in her purse, dug around some more, then dug a little more and came up with three, yes three pennies with which we were going to turn into a great fortune.

To our surprise, we found there are no slots in the slot machines.  You have to put a bill in the machine now.  Shouldn't they call them now bill machines?

Not to be deterred, we went over to the armless quarter slot machines and found, once again, no slots, only ports to insert bills.

As to the other forms of games of chance, well, I can't throw dice very good, as evidenced by my failure to win even one time in my life at the game of Yahtzee.  Roulette?  No, that wheel makes me dizzy and people would start wondering why I'm lying on the floor.  Black Jack?  I don't have enough fingers and toes to count to twenty one.

Harrumph!  We decided if the casino wouldn't take our quarters, we'd take them with us and leave.  There are other slots we can put them to good use in, like washing machines! 

You can tell we don't gamble much... 

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  1. With that type of gambler, you will do well staying at any of the casinos. We always suggest the casinos for overnight stays but if you are a gambler it could cost much more than a RV park would have. The cost is usually low and the buffets are less costly as well...

  2. It sounds like you had a fun day. You see, that elephant is not so hard to eat....a bite at a time.

  3. And, even to make it better it looked like you had a beautiful day with blue skies. Of course, you couldn't see the blue sky if you were in the casino gambling.

  4. You sound like us!! digging around for quarters for the slotless machines! Love Casino buffets, though. Especially for breakfast! Have fun and never feel guilty!!

    Mike and Dee

  5. They eliminated the slots? Bummer. Well, guess I really can't loose the retirement fund now! :)

  6. See God was watching out for you. Thou shalt not gamble on Sundays :)

  7. Love the movie screen at the park. Hope you'll still be there when they show one. I'd like to know what sorts of movies they show and how they do it. I can just see all the RVs lined up in a row in front of the screen! LOL!!

  8. great pictures...Paul..glad you got to save your quarters and pennies..we have a rv ex drive in park close to home..they show movies on the weekend..(family movies)...and you can see them right from the comfort of where you are parked in your rig...

  9. life is a gamble even on a good day!..but you both came out winners in the end!!..enjoy a guilt free monday!!

  10. Nice to hear that you have been having good luck with your Passport America membership. I miss the days of those Drive In Theaters brings back some good memories, neat idea leaving it in place at the RV park. We were at Seven Feathers last week and didn't gamble either, nice resort though. Did you see their RV park across the freeway? Enjoy your slower pace.

  11. A drive-in movie theater - how cool! We miss those!

    We've had great luck at casino campgrounds. Good park and buffet rates!

  12. Would you believe that someone won $27,000 on that machine you were standing in front of? No, well, they could have, and you could have too, maybe???

  13. Oh yeah, Russ is such a big gambler - NOT. Besides if he does win anything I make him cash out right away. I am definitely not a gambler. Hope you get a chance to stop at the Rolling Hills Casino on Tuesday or Thursday. That is 1/2 price senior day and is well worth it. Glad you got rid of your "guilties" and hope you are having a wonderful time in your travels.

  14. You sound like us, eat and run. That's really interesting about the RV park with the movie screen. Quite a hook.